Good afternoon,

I am at my wits end, I have just admitted that I have a gambling problem that I am getting help for. I will never gamble again as long as I live. This has cost me my marriage to my wonderful wife and access to my son.

I keep having very bad mood swings. I am on top of the world one minute, then I am so angry with my ex wife. When I get like this I email her, I don't say very nice things at all and I don't know why I do it. I love this women with all my heart. So why do I do it ? What is wrong with me ?

Help Please

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  • Hello there rubyjames,

    Welcome to the Action on Depression Forum, you'll find lots of friendly support here, so do check back for replies.


  • I suppose you have memories of past Christmases, and now you are beginning to understand the gravity of what you had done. You are understanding you cannot undo the harm you have caused to those who loved and trusted you and your actions

    Everyone here needs to heal before they can move on, your family needs that help as do you.

    Personally all I can suggest is you keep getting help and possibly in the future things may work out once more, even though their will be a massive gap where trust used to be.

    You may be able to approach your family after treatment and support.

    Sorry I cannot see a positive way forward. How long ago since your weakness ?


  • I had my last bet on the 23 of November. Thanks for the words

  • Good luck for the future, I hope all works out well for you

    Keep a hold


  • Thank you

  • Would you think of going to Gamblers Anon.? Or even joining a Forum specifically for gambling , you might find more people who could relate to you. I have no experience of gambling only Depression, my advice is get help, it's not your fault as it is an addiction.


  • Well done you, not having a bet. Keep doing what your doing.

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