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My depression has taken hold of me quite harshly the last 6 months or so, I mean very BAD. I am of course a googler of things, and now being desperate to try and pick myself up a little more and feel a tiny bit better....I decided to google up this particular dilemma. I came up with a couple of things that I could do so I can calm down and also have little more positive reinforcement for myself. One being a "happy box" that I am filling with little random items that make me smile, have a good thought or memory, and kinda check my brain out of a negative state for a moment. The box is shoe box size and items could be anything. I try to keep the items somewhat small, but to give an idea, I have a label from an old nostalgic drink I liked, postcards, Disneyland entry ticket, etcetra. The second thing I've done is I started a quote, idea/thoughts, encouraging words to self, journal. So when I'm in a state I can flip thru and read random items to bring my attitude up. Journal is a size that's portable in purse, little bag, back pocket, etcetera. I like that I don't have to flip thru to bring myself up necessarily, but that when I write something in it it also stops my brain for a moment and focus on my entry which might make me smile or inspire me with something I'm currently engaged in (work, home, a problem).

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I found reading helped me. I read a couple of books by a chap called 'Tony Robbins' he is a life coach of sorts and he teaches you how to kind of re-program your way of thinking. Now im not saying its a cure but i found at my darkest that really helped. Theres also a really good story about a lad who has a black dog called "depression". I even refer to my crap days as "black dog" days.

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It was Winston Churchill who coined the term black dog in recent times, but it goes back much further


Really?? I never knew that. Very interesting indeed as i am a big fan of Churchill.


Love the idea.


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