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100mg sertraline day 6 for MDD


I am a 25 yo female diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. I was prescribed zoloft when I was 16 but my parents dont believe in mental health medication. I started treatment with 50mg sertraline on November 2nd and just had my dose upped to 100mg 6 days ago. I have had minimal side effects like headache and vivid dreams, but today my anxiety was heightened. I felt my heart pound and it was a bit difficult to breathe. It just subsided as I toughed it out so to say. I hate buggin my loved ones about my disorder and i really want to start being more independent from them. Before treatment I would cling and become easily upset if I felt rejected but i want to do better by them and show them that I can in fact handle things on my own. That's why I have joined this forum. I would like to discuss with other women like myself who can relate to my situation.

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I'm on the same med, and found 150 worked for me and couldn't go any higher due to side effects, and didn't need to really. I've had couple of same side effects you experience. You don't have to answer or name a med, but are you on an anxiety med with this? I do a combo and it's worked for me for the last couple of years, but I've also relapsed and tried different medications because I wasn't feeling as good as I did when first starting this regimen. I ended up going back to it and still trying to find another, it's trial and error. But my anxiety med never changes, it's a must I've learned.

Did you take your sertraline on an empty stomach or have you taken the whole 100mg in one go?? I myself am on 150mg and have been for 2 years now. I always found that taking the whole amount in the morning on an empty stomach caused a massive surge of Anxiety. I tend to take 50mg after breakfast and the rest before bed. Or ill just take it before bed but never all first thing in the morning.

Hi I've been on sertraline 100mg a day for the last 18mths. Until now it has been really successful and life has resumed as normal. I'm currently going to be assessed for bipolar disorder which is a bit daunting. All I know my love is that you must confide in at least one family member if you are struggling with anything. It's not a sign of weakness but a way of moving forward to a happier you. I have learnt the hard way and am almost double your age lol! Things do get easier but there is much to learn along the way and there will be days when you wish you could stay in bed and not dip that toe on the floor to begin living another day. It's just a learning curve x

Do you take your meds at night ? I find it helps as you tend to sleep off the side effects x

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