Hi guys sorry its been a while since ive been on here, I hvent been to good lately, remember when I said ive been discharged frm crisis team well I self reffered too talking therapies, received a letter saying I'm on a very long waiting list and I have to be patient, that is easier said than done, I need some help on other services etc round my areas to try and fill the gap while I wait if possible, I feel like I'm being totally forgot about, being discharged frm crisis team especially, so if anyone has any thing I can do/try to fill that gap while an appointment comes PLEASE let me knw.

Thanks in advance


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  • Welcome to the mental health sea saw .. This is what happens, they offer u support and help, then it all goes out the window .. I am in a downer just now .. There seems no way out

  • Can I suggest calling the samaritans? I find them very helpful and the number is now free

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