My family are concerned I have bipolar. Family and friends used to make a joke and say are you bipolar when I was suddenly going from one mood to another. As time has gone on they are quite concerned now and truly believe I have bipolar. Me and my partner have split up because he can't handle me.. My big question is would I know if I have bipolar. I have started to think I maybe have but at the same time I'm thinking surely someone with bipolar disorder wouldn't even consider they have it. If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks


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7 Replies

  • Have you visited a doctor and spoken about this? How would you describe your moods?

  • I have previously been to the doctors. The first time I was prescribed antidepressants. Rufly 6 years ago iv been on and off of them. Don't find them any help at all and end up giving up. I have 3 children and worry a diagnosis of bipolar would mean my children being taken so I try to dim my symptoms down to the doctors. Iv self harmed in the past I feel very down atm but last week I was applying for jobs and really happy even had thoughts of plastering my house which I have never done in my life basically being really manic. I'm really angry atm n finding everything is getting to me. It happens so suddenly I can't tell when it's going to happen. When I'm manic I don't eat and could stay up for a couple of days when I'm down all I want to do is sleep but when I do its so uncomfortable I have constant nightmares wake up n my heart races.

  • I am so sorry that you feel like this.

    It is so wrong that we cant truly be honest with our doctors for fear of losing something. Obviously, i am not a doctor and i cannot tell you that you are something, but what you are describing does sound like bipolar disorder, being high in the manic phase and then sinking low in the depressive phase.

    I think you should phone up some agencies that specialise in bipolar or mental health and ask specifically about it and whether it being officially diagnosed will affect your children.

    Do you have a husband or a boyfriend that lives with you? If you do that could also be a great help in making sure your kids stay with you!

  • We have broken up recently.. he says he doesn't know if he's coming or going as one minute I act like I love him the next hate him. It's a hard situation. I have good family support so hopefully this would help. Fingers crossed.

  • Im sorry your partner and you split, im only 20 years old and have severe anxiety disorder and now possibly bi-polar.. Its great that you have family support and although it is sad your partner has split, it must mean they weren't the right partner for you <3 A partner should be there through thick and thin. If you ever want to talk :)

    I dont know much about Bi-polar but i know that my family doctor and family think i have it also due to very severe mood swings, irritable with noises, extreme lows with self harm involved. Im not going to lie it is scary some times, im starting to feel that i may also have Bi-polar as i know that social anxiety can also stem from Bi-polar..

    You ever need to talk im always here to listen x

  • Hi there, from a bipolar lady! It is a scary prospect, but one that needs addressing. Having a diagnosis will allow you to get the correct treatment and get your moods under control, meaning you'll feel a lot better and able to cope with life. As far as I am aware, it would not mean your kids being taken. My family has a long history of this illness and none of my cousins to my knowledge were taken from their bipolar parents following diagnosis.

    It does get easier once you're diagnosed, at least it did for me. I was able to see where my behaviour had been abnormal, learn what triggers' it and am now better able to detect early warning signs of becoming unwell. Not perfect at it, but certainly a lot better.

    in terms of whether you'd know if you we're bipolar, then yes I think its entirely possible. I was misdiagnosed for 10 years, during which time I was well aware my symptoms pointed to bipolar, but unable to get any doctors to listen. Diagnosis has helped tremendously, I now know what I am up against xxx

  • Thanks so much for the replies. I'm going to speak to a doctor and say I believe I have bipolar. :)

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