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down again... didn't get the job

I know I shouldn't have put my hopes up, its like no matter how much I apparently "impress" employers, even after acing interviews and second interviews, laughs and smiles, they always pick someone else. It's happened to me too many times now and it just crushes me.

I am getting so sick of not being given a break into the industry I actually want to work in. This was for a trainee position so its not like I wasn't qualified enough because they train people up for the job anyway!

I begin to worry if its to do with my references because of prior problems with leaving work? I don't usually put former employers as references I use other people who I have done voluntary work with instead who actually have good things to say about me

I don't know what to do I am so fed up of this

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Don't put your self down just keep trying you will get there. And by law company's cannot give you a bad reference so stay positive you will be a winner

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Keep trying dozymoomin You will get the right job at the right time


Just keep your head up you will get a job soon


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