Bomb shell :(

After my last post I didn't think I could feel as low as I did but I was wrong. I found out today that my ex has moved on and that he is in a relationship with a girl, nothing like me at all. She's older than me and has a child of whom it looks like he has bonded with. Also, his mum is very close with her now too. When I found this out I literally broke down and cried. Yes I know we are no longer together and that he was bad for me but the feelings I felt for him were real. I loved him and I probably still do on some level but it just hurts so much knowing that he's happy and moved on with someone else when I'm struggling. It's so painful that he hurt me yet he ends up happy as Larry and i end up miserable. I used to be the one close to his mum so that hurts too because I really do love his family so that stings. I'm left having to tell myself to be strong every day and in no place to even think about jumping into something with another guy yet he's been straight in there from day one. I just want to be happy but how I am feeling is so over powering. 😔 It's hard to keep strong.

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  • Hi KW, You know that nothing I can say will make you feel better. I guess this is something most of us go through once or twice in life. You will look back some day and ask yourself( what was I thinking?) That takes some time to get to that point. In the mean time devote your energies to becoming the person you would like to become. When you meet the guy you are meant for he will be crazy about you That's what you deserve, a man who thinks you've hung the moon. Pam

  • Dear Kw94xx, I've been there, as we all have.

    But if a man doesn't love you, there's nothing that will change that. I don't say that easily. I was crazy about a guy who could be a real jerk and treated me like crap many times. This went on for years, over 10! Now that is just a blind waste of my time. This guy is not worth your devotion. We all deserve to be loved for who we are. Let's face it together. Don't look for a replacement for now. Give yourself time to heal. The loss of his family is hard too, I know, but they likely accept whoever he's with.

    I've been alone for a few years now and have found I prefer it. I really do. No jealousy on either side, no freaking drama, no wondering when and if he'll call. Move on, girl! You're better than that.

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