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Hi,im new here just looking for advise.from day to day my mood can change so fast i dont even relise its happening at the moment im feeling so sad i just want to cry,feel so useless,helpless,nose is getting rite on my nerve ends tothe point i dont want to ear my own children talking to me but i also know it wont last because come a hour,tomoz i could be ready to put the world to rites and ill feel fine.i just dont know what to do about it

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Hi Dumbirdy! I honestly can't tell how you feel but I am going through some similar mood changes. I would recommend getting an appointment with your GP as soon as possible.

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Hi Dumbirdy, it's possible it could be hormonal !! They do play us up a bit!!! The good thing is you know it will pass. I have had the same symptoms for many years. I now say to myself oh hear we go 😫 But I like you know it will pass. I went to the doctors a number of times in my younger days but in the end I learned to live with it because I didn't like the side effects of the medication I was given. Perhaps there is something better available now so you could try your GP. I used to think I was crazy😮 But it's just how I am. I accept I have my moments of great sadness I just go with it and it passes. The most important thing is you look after yourself as well as you can. Have a check up at the doctors, tell them how you feel. It's not just you, there are so many people feel the same. Youl be ok 💪 X


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