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I have what I call clinical Depression and Anxiety, My Anti Dep medication was changed abt 6 months ago, I have been given no new medications since then.

The last 2 weeks I have been having trouble with lack of energy and sleeping a lot, it swings from day to day, 1 day I have energy and I get out and do things, then next day I get up as usual but within a couple of hours I need to return to bed and sleep, I will sleep for another 4 to 6 hours, on top of my previous 8 hours sleep.

My doctor did up my Efexor from 187.5 mg to 225 mg and said I should notice a change within 24 to 48 hours, that was on Wednesday, I am still no better, I have had 9 hours sleep last night and battling to write this now, as I am fighting the need to go back to sleep.

Has any one been through this? anyone got any ideas as to y this is happening? I have another Doc appointment for Monday.

Thanks in advance, I think I will head for bed again.

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Yes it all fits with depression. Beware it can always get worse, so hold onto what you have. Structure your day exercise eat well and socialise

Good luck


I sleep far more than I should. But when I'm sleeping I'm at peace no anxiety no panic just peace. I want to improve its soul destroying being like this. Don't know how to stop all the negativity. Wish I could go to sleep and not wake up.

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That's depression for you. I sleep more that I should for a person my age, more than my husband who is 10+ years older than me.

I can get up at 8 be back in bed by 10. Then not get up will 4pm and back to bed from about 10pm.

I don't no what efexor is so can't comment on them. I hope you start to feel the medication change for the better soon.


I agree with Goldfish, extreme tiredness is one of the symptoms of depression. The worst thing is staying in the house so best to get out go for a walk,coffee with friends as socialising does help and takes your mind off your worries. Give the medication a bit longer to kick in but it should help.

Take care and hope you feeling more energetic soon xx


Thanks for ur reply's, it is not the normal tired, it's like when u have gone without sleep for 36 plus hours, I just can't keep my eyes open, as for doing anything I am very uncoordinated when I am like it, I have tried to shake myself out of it but nothing works and it is or has been so far, every second day, the opposite days I have an abundance of energy, it is almost a really, really extreme Bipolar episode.

I can't afford all this sleeping, I have 2 horses to look after, where they r the ppl keep and eye on them but I need to work them, especially the un broken one.


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