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feeling like no one listens

i have depression and they say i have personality disorder, but i feel i have bi polar my meds are not working for me i have long hard day id rather stay in bed and not go out i avoid people and communtication on a regular basis ive quit my job, i feel like no one listens i take overdoses but never gone to the hospital i just ride it out at home. i see it feel it why dont the professionals!!

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Hello Hope, I don't think you are in a position to self diagnose .Let your Doctors know your concerns about their diagnoses . Maybe they will explain it to you and then you need to follow their advice. At least give it a chance. Your behavior sounds fairly destructive, take care now, don't let it get worse. Let us know how you are doing. Pam


thanks pam this means alot, i smile on the outside but not on the in at the moment. thankyou for your kind words.


Hi Hope. One thing that I have learned is that the professionals sometimes get things wrong. In my own experience, I have realized that although I think that I am explaining and communicating everything that I am going through, sometimes I leave out important details because I am ashamed or embarrassed. I'm not saying that's what's happening in your case, but it is something to consider.

The other possibility is that you and your doctors just haven't found the right fit for your medication yet. Finding the right medication and dose takes time and an abundance of patience.

I am currently struggling with making myself understood with my providers, so I sympathize with you. I keep reminding myself that they aren't in my head, so they have no way of knowing exactly what I am going through.

If it helps at all, just know that you are not alone and you are much stronger than you think. It's not easy to live with a mental illness, but you are doing it. I believe in you.

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Hi Hope x How has today been for you? I agree with the comments. You need to give yourself time with the meds. If you have decided to go down thst route then bare with it .Maybe it will turn out that you need to change them .Sometimes it takes a while to find one that suites you . Can you ask your gp to refer you to the mental health team? Or to a therapist? That way you can get a definitive diagnosis.. in the mean time be kind to yourself. Love yourself. I always remember something a friend said to me .H.A L .T!!!

Are you Hungry?

Are you Angry?

Are you Lonely?

Are you tired?

Simple I know but these things can have a big impact on how your feeling!if you feel like you can do nothing just remember to meet your basic needs . Be careful with your thoughts they can consume you .

You got this x Sorry about my rambling reply!!! All the best much love M


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