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S.A.D. Early This Year?

Hi I'm new on this particular site but have various health problems which compromise my life somewhat. However I just wondered if anyone on here thinks their Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms have started early this year? I've been trying to work out why I feel so down and all the usual symptoms that go with it and was putting them down to other things going on in my life but then the penny dropped perhaps.

I don't usually use my SAD lamp till probably November these days but now I'm thinking of dusting it off and starting using it now.

It would really help me to know if anyone else feels the same or has noticed this.

I react very much to weather conditions so it wouldn't suprise me really.

many thanks Sallyb

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Hi SallyB, welcome to the community. I use my SAD lamp all year round and that way it stays part of my routine. I use it at the same time every morning and every night.

I haven't noticed my SAD kicking in yet as I love the crisp autumn air and the changing colours of the leaves. Mine normally kicks in when the nights get really dark.

I've made changes to my working hours so that I will get to see sunlight during the winter, which is really important for me. I agree, I'm quite sensitive to the weather too.

Could there be something else triggering how you feel?


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Hi thanks for your reply LoriMS661. Well I do have bad sinus problem at the mo which is affecting my hearing and balance which is'nt helping and I know that if I'm 'off colour' with anything it affects my mood. But it may be that it has actually got to the stage of infection now and therefore a trip to the docs required.

I don't usually need to use my lamp so early though but I think I will get it out and see what happens. Sallyb


I feel the same think it is due to bad summer I have bipolar and am being treated for cycling but have been feeling a different low a sadness that the summer is over and we never really had one.

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Hya Garamanda. Yes I think that's part of the problem that we haven't really had a summer and its over anyway. It is a very different kind of low I agree and I think the penny dropped with me yesterday that aah this is how I feel when the seasons change. So knowing that someone else has noticed that too does help to make me feel better about it. Thank you for you kind reply. Sallyb

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