More poetry (I hope you don't mind)

Angels walk this earth

I have spent my time with one

She's not aware of what she is

And of the hearts she's won

She possesses the face of a cherub

And she has beautiful porcelain skin

She is fun, kind and loving

And she made my heart sing

She talked about growing wings,

Internal demons she fights,

The struggle against evil incarnate

A fight that takes all of her might.

There seems to be a plan

And the Angel is to be tested

I believe she will keep her faith

Her strength will not be bested

The Angel has captured my heart

Of this she must know

But until her battles have been won

We must go with the gentle flow

Is there a place on this earth

Where happiness can reside?

I think that place is anywhere

With an Angel by my side.

3 Replies

  • Lovely poem :) happiness is everywhere if you know how to look. This is coming from someone who has moderate to severe anxiety and depression.

  • Thank you mbvu. I'm beginning to learn where to look - I just find it easier with somebody to help me if you sort of get what I mean.

  • Yes I do. Just know that you can find joy in darkness whether or not you have someone to share it with. You will be lonely if you're alone, but there are always things that can make you smile. Sorry if I liked your poem twice. I didn't mean to do that.