Hello again! I'm the one who volunteers at a horse rescue and two of our horses might get fostered. I'm really attached to one of them whose name is Dawson because I ride him a lot. If they do get fostered, they will be moved out of state (I live in the US) and it'll be a bittersweet good-bye. I want them to find homes, but part of me wants our customer to say no and leave them with us.

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  • Caring for animals and people is always bitter sweet. I can see from your posts how important these horses are to you Sending you hugs. Gemma XX

  • Helloit is so hard to do that i can imagine. I am a huge dog lover and it breaks my heart to see people rescue them and then not really love them the way i do. I shouldnt say that im sure they love them but not to the extent that I do. They are my children. My dog now has been a lifesaver for me since the passing of my husband back in October. They know when something is wrong they cuddle with you give you kisses happy to see you etc... I know this will be hard for you and God bless you for loving this horse and taking care of it☺

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