Living with Mice infestation

Does anyone live with this like me ? Although I have rentokil coming to put the poison down , they still breed like wildfire. They have burrowed in my bed and sofas, my flat stinks of mice pee and I am constantly cleaning mice poo up. I am moving out, after 5 years I have had enough. I have cleared my living space and still they are rife. My life has been a living hell with this alone plus I have tonnes of other stuff going on. I am still committed to making changes though because if I do not I will surely die

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  • Yuck I don't blame you as I hate mice too. I did have a small infestation in 1 flat but when I got a cat it stopped. I love cats and was going to get one anway but this was an added bonus. x

  • Hey that turned out well then. I have had cats and I could not have one here. You never know once I settle in my new place what addition I could add to my lil fambo of me and my canine creature comfort .. Maybe this is the change I need as am sure living with rodents don't exactly help with my depression and anxiety, in fact I know it contributes

  • In the meantime can you borrow someones cat for a while? x

  • Yes I think moving out of your mice infested property would definately help. I had one mouse once and was a nervous wreck because of it (people on here may remember!) so can't imagine having them here there and everywhere. You need to put several traps down in several different places; a commercial firm can do this but you can also buy them yourself. You will need at least 10 boxes ; they have a poisonous gel inside; they entice the mice in but then when they've eaten this gel it inspires them to go outside as it makes them very thirsty. They do eventually die, sad I know but mice and houses don't mix and this is the easiest way to get rid of them.

    Oh I see you have rentokil coming; yes they can treat it but do watch the cost. Get a quote for the whole job. Mine ended up paying over £300 as they had to treat it three times which is why i'm suggesting buying the stuff yourself it work out about a fifth of the cost.

  • I have been using my own poison too. I thought I just had one but no I have one hundred and one. It is ongoing as they reproduce so quick. Have moved countless dead bodies with maggots and can smell the dead ones here but cannot find them

  • I have traps and poison everywhere. They eat the poison and avoid the traps and still come back

  • Well cough I would but I know nobody with one.

  • A cat ? I have two and the only mice I see are the occasional ones they bring in dead. There mere presence puts the mice off. I have a great dustbin if grain for my chickens in the utility room but still no mice dare come in.


  • Hi Satsuma. That is a nightmare for you,move out ASAP. We had 1 mouse in the kitchen and I was in a terrible state. Every time it ran across kitchen I screamed so loud my poor hubby nearly had a heart attack. I have a phobia about mice, luckily we caught it but whenever I turn light on in kitchen I still think a mouse will run across. Once you move out you will feel a if a weight has lifted. I suffer with depression and anxiety and am on medication,Luckily my depression comes and goes. All my friends and family know so they are all supportive. I am sure if you called Health n Safety they would refer you to council for a flat. I would rather live in a tent than put up with what you have. Take care from Lin x

  • I am in a council flat

  • Please DO NOT get a cat after the mice have eaten poison.... it will cause the cat to die a slow painful death. I'm sorry you have this problem....

    Do you own your own home...??? if you have a landlord, have you told him/her? I cannot believe that anywhere in the UK (same as here in the US) that you can't REPORT the landlord for these living conditions. He should be furnishing you with a different place to live while your other one is being cleaned up and sanitized... You should NOT have to put up with that... I wish you good luck.

  • Thankyou Betty. I do have a landlord and they know. It is a housing association. They are sending out rentokil every two weeks but there are that many of them. They eat the poison in no time. I have moved countless dead ones who have maggots in them and it is not nice at all. Also I smelll the carcasses but cannot find them. Am counting the days now. The EHO says the association is not a good one. Better out than in hey. And I won't be getting a cat. Enough is enough now. The other week I was close to suicide as it all got on top of me and somehow from somewhere I don't know where I have somehow gotten strength and found a place to live rodent free.

  • I'm really not surprised that you are feeling like this in your situation. You are being very strong dealing with it. X

  • Thanks Still it has been extremely hard I tell you. I need out now for many reasons including the mice. You can only take so much hey

  • Oh you poor, poor thing, my cat brings em in.they're horrible even one. No one deserves to live like this.

  • It is a living hell

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