Any help?

ok so ive let how i have been feeling ruin my life for 2 years and i think its time to stop i need to general ways that help you start feeling better i missed the call from the doctor because i was in class ironic as hell saying that i didnt go to school for like 4 weeks and the 1 day i go i miss the call here is how you can help me

 in the morning im completely fine until it dawns on me that i am going to school and then i starting feeling sick and like im going to throw up 

is there a way i can combat this effect has anyone found a solution to stop this feeling from being so aggressive



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6 Replies

  • hi

    can I ask what it is about going to school that makes you feel this way?

    Is something going on there?

  • Everyone is there 

  • There must be reasons for feeling this way is it  bullying or could it be examinations or something else. You are also admitting aggressive thoughts, if this is the case you need to part or fully understand your reasons and feelings.

    To understand all above will help you reach out and be able to accept your problems. and rectify these negative thoughts

    You mention your GP, it most probably be a good idea to attend that appointment and discus your feelings and fears. Understand to miss three appointments can remove you from their List, so you will need to attend

    I do not know your age so it is difficult to put your concerns in context as I need more information


  • I'm 16

  • Hello Leo

    When you reach sixteen you can make an appointment to see your GP and attend on your own without parents been with you, if that helps.

    If need arises you know where we are


  • hi Leo

    It sounds like you are in a bit of a spin.  Do you think that you are having a bit of a panic attack?  I do find that when I get stressed my adrenaline levels rise and I can sound aggressive.  I work at trying to control my stress levels by using breathing techniques - so when I feel the stress rising and my temper raising with it. I take a couple of deep breaths.  Of a night I practice my mindful breathing - I sit in a dimly lit room and concentrate on my breath.  If my mind wanders I let it and then I bring it back to concentrate on my breathing.  Soon you will become good at it - and now if I feel my stress levels are rising I can just take a few deep breaths and readjust my stress levels.  It is a good skill to have for your future life.  It will help you focus better and concentrate better for exams and interviews.

    I hope that you made it to your doctor and feel better