Really why now

How am I supposed to care about my future and education if I don't see myself having one why did this have to happen to me in these two years I feel lower then ever and I can't talk about it 

I come on here to release all my emotions at once because I don't know what to do and when I go through the lifeless state that I'm starting to actually like because no highs or lows how do I move on

Edit I set off to school got on the bus and my body realised I was going to school and I started feeling sick I felt like I needed the toilet I got too hot  And in a panic I got off the bus and came home -_- i wonder if making myself sick would make this go away ?I need to go to school today so I'm going to try again when I calm down I feel so stupid

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  • You're not stupid. You might see yourself as having no future but you do have one and for all you know now it might be important.

    If you learn one thing from this let it be that you have to face all situations and not get into a panic and run away. I know that is n't easy if anxiety strikes but you have to learn to face everything head on, and most times ,perhaps every time you do this ,you'll find that it turns out to be not half as bad as you had imagined.

    You sound quite sensible and I hope you calmed down and went to school. If you managed this then you did something harder than staying on the bus would have been. This then would be a good example of how facing something gave you an easier time,in the end,than running from it.


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