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Long time no speak🤐

Hi everyone.. It's been such a long time since I last posted.. And just wanted to let the people who helped me a lot on this site know that I'm now in a better place :)

I love my new job.. Things literally have got so much better since the last time I posted and I just wanted to thank the people that I spoke to on here.

If anyone wants a chat then I'll be around and reply as soon as I can.

But thankyou to the people on this site..

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Hello Shabbaa

I am so glad you have now turned that corner and now you are in that bright place where now you working and feeling more positive

Well done



Hello, Shabbaa! Do you still remember me ? lol

It is so nice to hear from you again. I have visited the site some times but never saw any new post from you. I got a bit worried as I would have loved to know how you were doing , but I had to trust that you were okay about the reason why you visited the site for the first time.

It is very good to hear you are doing well.

Keep in touch if you so wish.

A big hug.



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