How do I go about getting help?

I'm currently at Uni (In England) and I'm not registered to a GP here, and I can't get home to make an appointment. I 'think' i've been suffering from depression the past month since a pretty bad thing happened in my personal life, but I'm not sure if i'm just overreacting.

Either way I'm not sure how to go about getting diagnosed. I've always been terrified of talking to people I don't know too, so that just makes it worse!

Couple of symptoms might help:

no apetite, not eating. I've lost over a stone in just under a week

I'm only getting about 4 hours of sleep a night

I've got no sex drive, despite previously having a pretty high one

I take very little pleasure in the things I usually enjoy

Worst part is about 2 weeks ago I made a half-hearted attempt at suicide. Downed about 12 paracetamol before I just realized I couldn't actually go through with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Hi it's easy enough to register as a patient in the UK. As far as I'm aware they will see foreign nationals. Why don't you walk into the nearest one, ask if you can register and see what they say? Thoughts and actions of suicide are a red flag so please don't leave it any longer. Get help.

    The other alternative is that there must be a counsellor at Uni, so why not make an appointment to see them? x

  • Hi, my son went through a bad time at uni also, many years ago, so I feel for you cos I know how worried I was for months. The Uni will have an office that has Student Support staff I expect - and alternatives I suggest are;

    without saying why, just say you need to make an appointment to see a GP!

    If you want to and are asked, talk to the person in the office. Or keep writing on here.

    I do think you definitely need to see a dr - 1 stone weight loss in 1 week is far too much and dangerous for your health. If you can't eat properly, try and eat fruit and keep your Vit C levels up, buy a good quality Juice (not fizzy) that says on the pack contains Vit C. You really need to keep to your Vitamins and minerals going, the doctor will be possibly have a good food regime sheet, of info he can giv you. He may also suggest a blood test, which will give a good indication if there is an underlying health issue - are you diabetic or have a thyroid problem, if no to both but there is a health issue, the relevant Community on HU should be able to help also.,sleep is necessary so do try and rest more, give yourself a quiet hour before going to bed - keep off the computer, have a bath and hot drink, read a book, nicely tucked up in bed and you may find it help you sleep longer.

    Finally, remember on here it's anonymous, so we can support you with that side of things. but you must get to a doc.


  • If you're planning to stick at your studies and/or continue living where you are now, it's definitely worth registering with the local GP and seeing what help they can offer you. It sounds as though you may well pass the "qualification test" for clinical depression. However as sambs says, it's definitely worth getting some blood tests to eliminate other possible physiological causes.

    Also your university should have some form of student support/counselling, perhaps you could approach them and ask for a confidential chat with someone. They may also be able to help you register with a local doctor's surgery.

    Hang in there - remember, as terrible as you feel now, things *will* improve! There's always someone around here if you need to chat.

    Take care.

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