brain shadow

hi there many friends just to let you know that i had a brain shadow was a Tumour, which on Monday i was phoned to go into the hospital and was given and injection and tablets to take which i have been doing, first time this week my head hasn't felt like a drum set, the doctors have said these tablets will do the job, ive got to go back on monday to see if the medication is working. sorry not been on before because i felt like a dog's bark. but on the road hopefully to recovery. to the two people i posted can't remember when it was if you understood what i wrote then well done, i couldn't understood what i'd wrote, but many thanks to all who have posted take care BIGALAN xxxx

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  • Sorry to hear ur news but glad ur head feeling bit better hope tablets help u and do the job there meant to do take care xx

  • hi Tracey many thanks speak to you soon Alan xx

  • hi Doug many thanks speak to you soon Alan

  • I'm sorry to hear about this alan, if you need some help or any advice there is a headway forum on here, I'm on there as well, people who have had or have brain tumours are on there, and people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries like myself as well as people who have family members who have suffered brain tumours and brain injuries,

    Take care and I wish you all the best your friend,

    Siobhan xx

  • hi Siobhan many thanks feeling a lot better but still rough, i'm hoping these tablets do there job the doctor said they are good take care thanks for replying Alan xx

  • I hope the tablets help you, and that you feel better soon it's not nice being unwell, I hope everything gets better and your on the road to recovery soon, take care your friend, Siobhan xx

  • hi Siobhan its the friendship from people like you that keeps me going, i will keep you informed as the weeks go by many thanks big hug for you from me your friend Alan xx

  • Hi Alan, thanks for the update, sorry it's a tumour but glad you are getting the treatment you need. Sending lots of hugs and healing thoughts. Lea xx

  • hi Lea many thanks need all hug n support at the moment will keep you informed your friend Alan xx

  • Alan, so sorry about your news , keep your chin up and keep taking the meds I'm sure they will help . Take care Alan .

  • hi there many thanks for your concern will do my best Alan

  • Oh Alan,

    Sorry to hear your news. I hope the tablets help and that whatever other treatment is needed that it can be sorted out. Fingers crossed

    Sarah x

  • hi Sarah many thanks for your concern, the injection i had on monday and the tablets are well hopefully doing there job felt rough all week and sick as a dog but will know if its working on monday when i go back thanks again Alan xx

  • Pleased that you have been diagnosed and that you are getting the right treatment! Sending a hug and get well soon! xx

  • hi Kate many thanks just for being there many thanks again Alan xx

  • Sorry to hear your news but at least you are on the road to recovery. Send love & healing thoughts and always here if you want to talk. Take care

  • hi Debbie many thanks for your concern i'm on the right road, injection i had on monday and the tablets they put me on hopefully will do there job, go back on monday for a check up will keep you informed and many thanks for being there, sometime you feel as though your on your own, but the friends ive made and that has been in touch, helps you to build your strengh back up many thanks again Alan xx

  • Sorry to hear that you have a tumour but please that's it's being treated. All the best.

  • hi Betty many thanks for your concern, the tablets seam to be doing there job will know more on monday when i go for a check up take care Alan xx

  • Keep in touch.x

  • hi Betty will do many thanks Alan xx

  • Sending you loads of love and hugs take care love always Paula xxx

  • hi paula many thanks i need all i can get at this moment kindest regards Alan xx

  • Sorry, I just read your post. Scary stuff. Hope the medics are treating you well and that you get some good news soon. Sending hugs. Take care.

  • hi Lesley Rayswife it scared the living day lights when i found out what was but medication and the injection i had on monday and the medication they have given me the doctors say it should go, i go back on monday to see how things are going on will keep you posted many thanks Alan xx

  • Will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts. Take care.

  • hi Lesley Rayswife many thanks i just wish i could hug you all just to say thank you for your support Alan xx

  • Hey Alan ,well let's hope the meds do the trick! Do you feel a bit more settled now you know what's up?Think sometimes fear of the unknown is worse! Take care of yourself ,and wishing you well!

    Let me know how it goes on Monday!!Have something nice over the weekend! You deserve a treat!!!

    Kath:-) x

  • hi Kath the tablets are ok my head isn't sounding like someone is using it as a drum set. when they told me monday they phoned me to get straight in, what it was i thought oh no but now i know what it is and on medication for it, i still feel a bit not on this planet but a lot better then last monday after they injected me and told to take these tablets i thought i'd leave earth and was somewhere else, only time will tell now many thanks speak to you soon Alan xx

  • Hey Alan,hope you have some support during this time! Have you got friends and neighbours who will pop in and see you and maybe get some shopping if you don't feel like going out!Sometimes a bit of company can do the trick and just give you a bit of a boost!

    Take it easy!!!!!

    Kath:-) x

  • hi Kath lucky for me i did my shopping online last week so i'm good there, as for friends and neighbours nobody around where i live cares so i'm on my own many thanks Alan xx

  • Oh no that's so very sad:'( Think people should care a lot more ,,~I visit an old guy down the street (he lost his wife a few years ago) and also a lady who lost her husband 2 years ago! As well as keeping them company even just for a short while makes me feel happier as well! Just off to get my hair done ~my weekly treat!!

    Take care mate!

    Kath:-) x

  • hi Kath i've been on my own now for 14 years after i got divorced, the only friends i have is the people on this site, i've tired making friends but as soon as you make friends and your no use to them once they got what they were after so that's why i don't bother many thanks Alan xx

  • Hey Alan just want to wish you well 4 2 morro and hope it goes OK!How are you feeling now?

    We have had such horrible wind here really frightening!! Last night I went out to rescue my bins and one of them very kindly whacked me on my head with its lid! Well 2 say the least I saw stars and now have a decent size egg on my forehead! Must admit it did shake me at the time! Luckily wind died down now ~but tell you what I won't be wrestling with any more bins in the future!!

    Anyways let me know how it goes 2 morro!

    Kath (and the egg) :-) :-)

  • hi Kath i'm a bit nervous about tomorrow but as for this week all i've wanted to do is sleep. but i'll know more by tomorrow. sorry you are a egghead sorry for joke. it as been wind here as well lucky for me my bins are in a place where the wind can't get at them. i hope you soon recover, will let you know how's it gone when i get home take care you and your egghead speak to you soon big hug from me Alan xx

  • Only natural to be nervous mate, sometimes sleep is natures way of healing! At this time of year I think we could all do with hibernating anyway! Me and my egg are OK! Good job I've got a fringe to hide it!!

    Anyhow you take it easy and wishing you well for tomorrow!!Let me know how it goes!

    Kath:-) :-)

  • hi Kath i'm feeling low at this moment just been making my tablets up for week and it nearly drove me mad to think that all this tablets i'm having to take some days i feel like taking the lot and have done with it. then the check up tomorrow i'm like a jelly inside thinking has it done this or this, it feels like my world is falling apart. the only thing at this moment that's stopping take the lot and that how you my dear friends would be if i was dead it would upset you all and i don't want that with me, plus i've just read your post and your egghead is covered by your fringe, i would love to see that, i know its not nice but i try and imagine what you look like i'm sorry i shouldn't be thinking of your pain naughty Alan take care speak to you tomorrow and don't worry i 'm not going to do anything daft its just the way i'm at this moment take care big hug for you from your friend Always Alan xx

  • Hey Alan no wonder you r feeling low!! With all that's going on ! I suffer with terrible Anxiety and panic (always worse on a morning) I can imagine all sorts happening! I worry if I've got nothing to worry about! I don't take any meds just Propranolol if it all gets too much! I put on a brave front and people don't believe I suffer the way I do!

    Well work 4 me 2 day! I find keeping busy is better 4 me!

    Hope all goes well 2 day `~let me know how you get on!

    My egg now is more like a fried egg not a boiled one like yesterday! Lol!

    Take care

    Kath:-) :-)

  • hi Kath i'm glad your boiled egg is now fried egg, sorry for moaning yesterday, just have a rough time will i'm just of to see what's what thanks for understanding your a kind person speak to you late hope all goes way take care your friend Alan xx

  • Hey Alan how s it going? Just a bit concerned when you didn't post after your appointment on Mon! But didn't want to trouble you 2 soon! Hope aok.

    Well after my wrestling match with the bin last weekend! By mid week I had a beaut of a black eye! Luckily just a bit yellowish now!! Tell you what DO NOT ever go head to head with a bin ,~you will def come off worse!

    Anyways hope you are OK!

    Take care!!

    Kath :-) :-)

  • hi Kath i'm sorry i thought i'd posted you and let you know, but if not then i apologize i've not been with it this week, had to go back to hospital yesterday just for a check up and i'm again back on monday. the tumour is getting smaller then when they first diagnosed it, are you sure it wasn't me that had a bang to the head, i'm sure i posted but not to worry, glad your egghead is getting better and i hope you learn your lesson never pick on anyone or anything that's bigger than you, i'm ok i'm 6ft 3 inches and 21 stone so i just might managed a dustbin, at the moment though i could managed the dust let alone a dustbin take care speak to you again thousand apologies your brain dead friend Alan xx

  • Well that's good news to think it's shrinking!!

    As long as u r OK is the main thing!

    Think I ll have you in my corner next time I take up wrestling don't think a bin would mess with u lol!

    Just take it easy ! And hope all goes well 4 U on Monday!


    Kath:-) :-)

  • hi Kath one thing they did say with being on these Procarbazine capsules at 50mg they said it would effect my memory a bit, my memory bad before is this what its going to be like not remembering who i've spoken to or not, i'm glad you posted i was thinking that nobody had replied to the post i put on, the next time you want to take a dustbin on give me a shout, i'll show you how to handle one. hope you get better quicker then i will but at least i think where heading in the right direction take care big Al hug n kisses to help smooth that egghead and a big Al cuddle just for you take care speak again soon i hope if not text me to remind me to text you, if this makes sense i don't think i make sense yet anyway take care from me dippy Alan xx

  • Hey Alan no worries ,better to take the meds and maybe have some memory loss if it helps you to get better!

    Just take it day by day and hope things soon improve 4u +all goes well at the hospital~let me know how u get on ~but don't worry if I don't hear from you I will be in touch!

    Maybe just make another post on here to let your m8s know you re OK!

    Take care

    Kath:-) :-)

  • hi Kath many thanks will be normal one day? if possible. hope your ok today and hope the egghead is slowly going down. just a little warning never take on more than you can handle. will let you know tomorrow when i've been to de hospital take care your friend Alan x

  • Hi Alan. I'm sorry to hear your news. Hoping and praying that the treatment is effective. It does sound like there's been some improvement so there's every chance you'll beat this. Coincidentally today my hubbies had his 6 month check and is still well after being treated for lymphoma 4 years ago ☺

  • hi Carol many thanks it came as a shock to me but the tablets that they put me on the doctors have said it should go, i go back on monday for a check up and to see how things are going, i'm praying that it goes, but many thanks for your concern and i hope your hubby continues with his progress take care Alan

  • Praying for a good outcome for you. Have a good weekend x

  • hi Carolee many thanks for your loving kindness i'll try and have a good weekend hope you do as well big hug from me to you Alan xx

  • hi carolee just to let you know i'm doing ok with treatment the tumour as gone down in size to want it was, back tomorrow for another check up. hope you are ok take care speak to you soon your friend Alan

  • That's good news Alan. Praying for good news at the checkup x

  • hi Carolee just to let you know been again today for checkup and its smaller than last week, so things are looking good for now back on monday 21st and 28th. then after holiday they will sent me again in new year, so thumbs up it will keep getting smaller take care big hug from me to you your friend Alan xx

  • That's great news, Alan. All going in the right direction :-)

  • hi carolee yes i'm glad that something is going in the right direction take care my friend Alan xx

  • There's always something to be thankful for :-)

  • hi Carolee its about the only thing that's going for me and i'm grateful for that take care speak to you soon your friend Alan xx

  • Hello Alan

    When are they going to treat etc ? I understand the treatments can be quite intensive, recover well. We are here


  • HI Bob just to let you know i started monday 30/11/15 i had one injection to start me off then the rest is medication from tuesday 01/12/15 until i get the all clear, i go again om monday just to see how things are going, i've never felt this sorry for using this word ( in my life. but i'm just glad i got there in its early stages many thanks to everyone that has supported me though this, it just proves who your real friends are many thanks Bob take care your friend Alan

  • Good luck with your treatments


  • thanks Bob

  • Hi there . You are going through such a tough time . I hope it helps you to know we are all rooting for you.

  • hi Lesley Rayswife i know your all there with the posts i received you are the best family any man can ask for many thanks Alan xx

  • Oh Alan what a terrible time you're having,here's hoping you feel better and see an improvement in you're health soon.God bless.

  • hi there many thanks for your concern Alan

  • One day at a time alan.....All the best to you

  • hi there that's all i can managed at the moment many thanks for your concern Alan

  • Good luck with the treatment Alan :-) I hope you have a good result when you go back on Monday. Take care - your friend Julia xx

  • hi Julia many thanks its going to be a long road before its fully clear, but on monday i'm hoping there going to say that the tablets and injection i had has done the job, will let you know on monday afternoon take care your friend Alan xxxx

  • At last you can now get the right treatment, good luck


  • hi June already being treated now many thanks for your concern Alan xx

  • Hi bigAl, I'm so sorry yr going this , thank god they've found it sooner rather than later. Hope the pills work quick.

    Sending you healing vibes and good wishes ️xxx

  • hi Anita many thanks for your concern, i'm glad they are found it, the injection last monday started it off now i'm on tablets until its gone, i feeling a lot more than i was on monday, so just keep going until i get to the end. end of what i don't know, i'm back on monday to see if anything changed since last monday hope so. hope your ok and have a great weekend your friend Alan xxxxxx

  • Hiya hun I haven't heard from you in ages just wondering if you are ok? ️Xxx

  • hi Antia sorry for that i've just got out of hospital after i was rushed in on Friday night with a blocked lower abdomen which nearly cost me my life, i'm o.k.ish now stomach still very tender but alive. hope your ok sorry for not inquiring about you, i've been a bit busy with my head and now stomach, i didn't know whether i'm coming or going, take care my friend enjoy your hols this next fortnight speak to you soon your friend Alan xx

  • Oh no that sounds terrible , as if you didn't have enough to contend with. Thank god you're ok now. Take it easy ok.

    I don't celebrate Christmas (coz I'm Vegan) so it's just another day for me. In the process of packing up my house coz I'm hoping to be moving soon as I need a wet room coz bathing is too painful now. so ill be kept busy over the next few weeks.

    Take care have a Happy Christmas and don't be doing yrself any more mischief ️xxx

  • hi Anita i don't celebrate christmas either so if you need a help in moving i've got a car and trailer i can't lift be can drive, just let me know if you need and hand, and i'm taking care of myself, because there's only me here to look after so i'll do my best take care my friend speak to you later your friend Alan xxxxxx

  • Oh bless your heart that's very kind of you to offer help. I'll be fine thanks I'm having a removals company doing the actual move so it's just a case of me packing up my home. (Amazing the amount stuff I've accumulated)

    I'm glad you are taking care, now you must take it easy after the scary hospital visit.

    I been back to Dr this morning got another chest infection, on my 3rd course of antibiotics in A month and also put me on oral steroids too, hey ho lol 😀 ️xxx

  • hi Anita many thanks for your reply, your most welcome, and if you do need any help you know were i am. i'm sorry to hear that your not well yourself, three chest infections that must be a record, well if you want an vic rubbing on your back i don't mind at least it something you can't reach and i know we don't celebrate christmas, but what a present for you, hope you soon recover. take care big hug n kiss and cuddle just to help you Alan xx

  • Hithere 😊 I know that like me you don't celebrate Christmas but I just wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas anyway , and I really hope that next year is much more of a good health year for you. Hugs to you 😊🎄⛄️❄️🎅 ️xxx

  • hi Anita like you have wish me season greeting i will be glad to return them to a lovely friend, and has for 2016 i hope you have a better year to take care big xmas kiss just for you and a hug from me, speak to you soon your friend Always Alan xxxx

  • Hi there my friend 😊 how's things going for you? Are you any better since starting the treatment?

    I went back to the Drs yesterday still got chest infection despite having 3 courses of anti rockets and steroids so my dr is sending me for another lung Xray again. I guess it's all part of having COPD. Oh well I could be worse, I always try to have a positive outlook on life.

    You take care hugs from me 😊 xx

  • hi Anita i'm not sure whether you know about me being rush into hospital in December with a blocked lower abdomen and on monday i've got to go for an ECG and after that i've got to go for another brain scan don't know when yet, but apart from that i think i'm normal i think. but sorry to hear your not well, hope you soon get better, its being nice hearing from you sorry i've not being in touch but with what i've had to go through wasn't sure whether i would still be hear. take care speak to you again big hug n cuddle to keep you warm n safe your friend Always Alan xxxx

  • Yes I do remember you having the blocked abdomen in hospital, I do hope you are recovered from that. All your tests I hope go well. You take care now hugs ️xxx

  • hi Anita i couldn't remember whether you know or not, and i'm better from that but in hospital on Monday for an ECG then on Wednesday for my yearly diabetes mot check up. hope your ok today take care big hug to you always your friend Alan xx

  • Hi Alan - sorry to hear of your "shadow"...looks like the Medics are on to it. Good Luck!

    Apologies for not being in contact for a while. The hand op came through earlier than expected, so "bit the bullet" and had it done a week last Friday. (Trapeziectomy) They remove a smallish bone at the base of thumb - mine was shattered.

    Still in heaps of pain, and not able to do tons of things - typing one handed now.

    Stitches out this Friday, so hopefully more comfy after that. Fibro has not helped, but one good thing is that I am sleeping more than the usual 4 hours.

    Adopted a second pusscat in October, and she is great company when I'm chair-bound....however she resents me reading and sits on the book or paper!

    We have made no def plans for Christmas - the younger members of the family "do their own thing" and we just see them briefly. That actually suits us well, as we prefer to be quiet (and peaceful !) My brother and wife live about 45mins drive from here, and he is also in plaster (his knee joint repaired - we both have OA) - so we may go over there this weekend to exchange gifts etc.

    Do you have family/friends that you see sometimes? Being on your own too much does nothing for morale, does it? I was like that for about 7 years after divorce from first husband.

    You know you have friends on here who are rooting for you - so here's wishing you a happier-than-usual Christmastime, and something good to look forward to in 2016.

    Lin and Taz

  • Even if you do not have a "labelled" faith, the Salvation Army are marvellous with folks living on their own. I used to go and have a (free) meal with them on Christmas Day as it was good to have company at that time of year. They also have a volunteer "buddy" scheme, where someone can visit on a regular basis, without pushing their views on you. Just having a sing can lift the sagging spirit ! It takes some courage to reach out when you have been secluded for so long, but worth a try........



  • hi Lin sorry to hear you have had an operation and the pain you must be in hope you get better soon. yes the medication is doing it job go again on monday for 2nd check up let hope it smaller than last week. i've been divorced now 14 years and still on my own thanks for you message on the holiday that's i don't celebrate xmas no point my family has spoken to me in 14 years the amount of friend that visit you can count on your operation finger. glad you have a new cat i love animals i have a cat, and four guinea pig that's my only friendship apart from you kind people on here. has for typing with one hand i'm can only type one handed so i'm use to it. take care hope yours thumb gets better soon take care many thanks for your reply speak to you soon Alan

  • Hi Alan....sorry it has taken me a week to get back to you. The pain has been horrendous, on top of the Fibro and feeling "blue". Not sure how I would cope on my own - my hubby can be grumpy at times, but he has a good heart and we have a "tried and tested" friendship.

    Like you, I have always been more at ease with animals, ever since being a tod, and it is like a mutual healing relationship.....hope that is the case for you. Altho I care for all animals (and have had a variety over the years) I do love cats and guinea pigs best. I used to breed guinea pigs, and really enjoyed seeing the variety of their offspring!

    The noises they make are so amusing are'nt they? I used to have a very special cat, Mandy (she lived to 14) who must have been a "good samaritan/doctor" in some previous existence, because she often brought me injured animals to care for, including other cats and lost dogs. She glared at me if I stayed up too late, when she knew I needed to sleep.

    There are some good progs on TV this Christmas (unlike the endless repeats!) Do you have any favourites? We are avid Strictly fans - I used to be a dancer, but never quite cracked ballroom - not knowing my right foot from the left! My lovely Mum (who died in 1996) made some gorgeous costumes, so she would love that part of it, if she were alive now. Also love the period plays, like Downton - sad it is ending this year.

    I'm not the only friend on here wishing you some personal warmth this Christmastime, so allow yourself to smile, knowing that.

    Take Care,


  • hi Lin please don't worry if it takes you a long time to reply. the pain you must suffer must but horrendous, i just went shopping yesterday and my legs were killing me with pain so i know if i don't reply to someone its because i've got to get over the pain first which if truthful you never do, but when it starts to easy of then i can think straight.

    my cat who's name is Jasper who's a male and my four guinea pig's they are all girls they like you bring my more happiness which the way they know when its there treat time, has for Jasper he is deaf so he's not allowed outside unless i'm with him.

    i know a lot will be celebrating Christmas but i won't and haven't done now for 14 plus years my family ignore me and haven't spoken to my for 14 years so this time of year is just the same as the rest in my book, its only since March of this year since i came on here have i got any real friends like you, my life is empty i don't watch tv unless top gear is on world's weirdest weather thing like that are on. anyway i hope you have a good time speak to you soon take care Alan xx

  • Thanks for reply Alan. Typing, specifically on my IPhone is still tricky.

    Will try and send you a msg on the 25th....this has to be a special date for me, as my daughter was born in the early hours of 26th, 1967. She was given up for adoption (long sad story). However, after almost 3 years of searching, we were reunited in 2013.

    I know what you mean about TV in Nov/Dec.....makes you feel yuk, all those "perfect world" adverts and insincere bonhomie! Maybe it is our age, but we prefer to keep it simple. Just the folks we REALLY care about.

    That includes YOU Alan, so have a small tipple in your mit, to all the friends on this site!!


    Lin x

  • hi Lin that's ok and with what happen back then is then what is now is now, at least you together and happy that's all that matter, yep i always put things down to age, one thing i love about this site is you can tell who your real friends are take care sadly don't drink anymore tell you about it one day all the best your friend Alan xx

  • This must be a shock. I can't imagine how you are feeling, I will not pretend that I do.

    However, I have some wisdom to offer you if you care for it. I think it would be wise to research any other treatments they offer you for this. Look for alternative media (not the first page of google) I have read about some brilliant results when people take control of situations like this.

    Sending you my best wishes.

  • hi there i'm not sure what you trying to say that i've looked up on google just to find a medication for what i've just gone though, i'm shocked that you would imply this, i thought you was a nice person and was hoping you would reply, i wish i hadn't bothered please don't bother replying again

  • I think you have not understood what I'm suggesting. I'm speaking about future treatments you may or may not be offered.

    I'm saying it is wise to get all the information you can.

    Why would I wish you the best if I was trying to be rude.

    As you just said: i'm not sure what you trying to say'

    Please read my post again. I would never want to cause

    harm to anyone. I won't post back. All the best.

  • Hi there I'm sorry its just I've just got out of hospital after having a blocked lower abdomen and I'm not with at the moment. Please except my apologies. I thought because I'm trying to cope with a brain tumour as well to deal with so please forgive me Alan:-)

  • It's in the past. Be well.

  • Hi there may I changed my last comment on you. That your a lovey person just me getting the wrong end of the stick take care Alan xx:-)

  • hi there i've just seen a reply from you but can't find it, i hope you will contact me again, i feel bad about what i said and to what your last post to which i can't find. i'm really sorry for having a go, i shouldn't have, and if there is anyway i can make it up with you, i would love to do that. to what i read why are people having a go at you. your a very beautiful woman and after what i said i wish i could turn the clock back.but they still shouldn't be against you they should be helping you. i do hope you well contact me again, please take care can i send you a bigal hug and a cuddle if it helps you. i would love to be your friend and to get to know you better take care Alan xx

  • Hi Alan How are you doing now? Hope you are feeling better.

  • Hi there I'm not to bad today had a good night sleep but stomach is still sore but keep going until I can say I'm fully OK. How are you today OK I hope take care big hug for you. Alan xx

  • I'm fine thanks Alan. I hope you feel better tomorrow. A couple more good nights sleep and rest should hopefully improve your stomach. Noticed you said you kept guinea pigs - I used to have one when my daughter was little. I love them they are real characters!! Mine used to whistle at me as I passed her cage, demanding cucumber!

  • hi there yes i have four girls and your right they have there own personalty and like yours my two youngest they both whistle when i walk by and then what i call popcorn when they just jump up and down for there cucumber, organic carrots, and little gem lettuce, they are only girls i have my cat jasper is a boy. many thanks each day is an improvement day as i call it. please take care speak to you soon Alan xx

  • Hi Alan, Lin here........Hope you are not too blue with all this soggy, grey weather and not feeling A1.

    My hand is healing well - putting Bio Oil on the scar and my hubby is doing most of the washing and cooking. I had a "flare" of Fibro/Lupus symptoms last week, probably triggered by a virus caught whilst in a crowd on Christmas Day. Am aware of this risk, but am prepared to take it, as I go stir crazy being indoors for too long. Am not sure how you cope with this.

    Do you listen to music? This has often been a sanity preserver for me, and I love to sing along too.

    How are the FAB4 girls? and two cats, Suki and Taz are great company. They have a "mad half hour" after my other half goes to sleep, whizzing all over the place and skidding on the floor ....very funny. Suki is actually calling me to get to bed, as it is almost 2.a.m. She likes to snuggle on my feet.

    So, I had better stop here.

    Hoping that this year is a better one for you.

  • hi Lin no i've not been to good was in hospital with a trapped lower abdomen and my upper abdomen was trapping my bladder to i was in hospital for a few day over the holidays. sorry to hear you have been in the wars hope your scar on your hand heals soon, i'm just having a diabetic attack that's why i'm up my sugar levels have dropped to 4.9 please don't be alarmed it will soon come back up take care speak to you soon your friend Alan xx

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