Depression help ?

im 16 and my exams are coming up soon and i have no clue how to open up about how i really feel to anyone i seem happy and i have been brushing it off for a year now but i know im depressed is there anyway i can get help without my family knowing i dont want to add my problems to theirs so like what should i do? see a doctor what types of questions would they ask me


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2 Replies

  • Hey Leo

    Go see a doctor, they will help, they will get you help. Don't worry about exams, there is to much put on exams, the teachers push you as they want better results as they get better pay and better jobs.

    Lots of the wealthy people in the world don't have exams.

    You will do well, but just get help for yourself first. You are number one, exams can be out of for a year, you can get a room to do your exams on your own so you are not with everyone else. You can have private lessons through your local cancel.

    Go to the doctor

    Good luck

  • Hi do you have a school counsellor? If so make an appointment to speak to them. They will have heard it all before and won't be surprised or annoyed at you. I think if you are 16 you are considered an adult and you won't have to tell anyone if you don't want to. Check this out though.

    I do think you ought to consider telling your family though. How do you think they would feel if they didn't know? They would probably be horrified and feel guilty that you had to go through this alone. They would rather know so they can help no matter what problems they already have. x

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