randomly wanting to cry

Haven't been on here in awhile, been sort of happy well i thought i was.

i'v moved out to uni, iv got the man iv always wanted. but my hormones are everywhere.. i can't stop crying and being snappy..

i'm so lonely at my uni flat, but I'm not alone alone, maybe I'm home sick? i dont know.

i thought it was mother nature but thats been and passed now..

but I'm still so snappy and cry at any moment.. & i dont usually cry over things?

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  • Hello 19Girl

    Welcome back I suppose you have now left College and have started at University,

    You seem to have replaced the lad you were going out with and started another relationship with someone new. You are also in a new Hall of Residence so I suppose all is new to you once more. Are you now further from your home, I really do not feel you are still homesick as yo would have got over that problem when you were in your last place.

    The only thing that I can think of is that you are missing people from your last course.

    One problem I see is you have made a decision to have a new man in your life, this could be causing you a problem as this will cause yo more distractions that are not conclusive to a good learning environment. It is difficult to advise here I feel you need to make decisions on how you want to proceed and set down rules that you can follow so you can fulfill your future plans.

    If you feel you need advice again and your nerves are bad, make an appointment with your GP, although again medication is not really the answer as that will just dumb down your learning experience.


  • Hi hormones do a lot more to us than people think, I'm suffering really badly with hormones ( in fact my life's unbareable at he moment ) I'm older than you in my 40s but please dont rule out its not your hormones that's exactly how they make you feel, just go see A GP and explain how your feeling just so they can. keep a record, and may find your lacking in something at that time of the month, good luck let me know how your getting on. Take care x

  • Sandraan I would agree, I had terrible hormone emotion swings in my 40s, check to see if its the peri menopause, at least if it is you can tackle it. I had no idea, if I had I could have dealt with it. acceptance and knowledge is king.

  • Hi hidden, I got so much comfort from your reply I have cried out for three years now to GPs, pyschatrist, pyscolgist etc that Iam suffering REALLY BADLY with hormones yes Iv had many blood test ( one recently) that come back I'm not going through the menapores as my readings come back far to high, I'm not even per ??? I felt horrific (felt suicidal ) on Wednesday to find that Wednesday night I had come on an unexpected period, although I had an answer to why I'm feeling so bad, I can't get any help to stop me feeling so bad, (I had a breakdown in December ) and have battled though every day since, so I'm already struggling but when I get days ( week) when I feel like this life just is to hard for me to bare, I can't handle the. Pain, Iv been in antidressants most of my adult life and agree I need them, at the moment sertraline is not doing enough so I'm reducing them down to start on velaxatine, but I really don't think it's the reduction in the meds has anything to do with how bad I'm feeling, but then is it because I'm reducing the meds it's making me bleed and feel so bad ???? But I just thanked God when I read your message that at least someone understands my pain, all my friends and auntys agree with me that's it's definitely hormonal and they all say it's because I'm going though the change, I'm 45 and my dad has 12 sisters ( yes 12 ) ha ha and they ALL went though the change before the age I'm at now !!!! So sorry to send such a long message but I just get so much comfort from knowning you understand ,please forgive me for writing this but if I had the gutts ( I'd end this never ending pain ) I just have to tell someone how I feel, so very sorry to burden you with this xx

  • Oh thank you so very much hidden please can I message you later I can't text just now but would be so grateful to have a quick chat with I'm really bad and I totally agree with you xx

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