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Sertraline increase help!!

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I was on 50mg if sertraline for over a month. About a week and a half ago my doctor put me on 100mg. I am wondering if anyone has any experience or knows if an increase can make you feel ‘worse again’ before better as I know antidepressants do in the first few weeks. I feel very low and hopeless and I don’t know if it is me adjusting to the medication or if I should try another medication.

Any insight would be helpful! Thanks x

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This happened to me with Zoloft too, it was better after about 1 month. Good luck and hang in there

When you say better how bad was it out of 10? And how much better did you feel out of 10 after the month? (10 being the worst) x

It was not too bad, the first 2 weeks were the worst. By the end of it I felt like 9/10... aniexty was almost cured.

Ok I’ll try hang in then, did it help you with your mood? Not feeling as low after the two weeks?

Yes 100%, this med was really amazing. I went from not being able to leave my house without panicking, to becoming a full functioning person again. The first 2 weeks were only bad because of the constant stomach ache. But it’s worth it. Also yes my depression conpeletrly went away

Generally the will start you on a lower dose, then move you on to a higher dose around four weeks. Allow a further two/three weeks. Hopefully all will work out for you. stick to it


Hi i have been on sertline 100mg for over a year and still hasn't helped only thing is the first 3 weeks were very awful as in lost of appetite feeling sick. But over year later I feel maybe it's time for a change cause it has not helped me in my mood I can't leave the home I feel like a useless potato. But I hope it goes well for you x

Hi I'm on 150 it does help after a while butit affects everyone differently I would give it a try first it is a good antidepressant so they say , I hope you get some uplifting from it just try and persevere x

Yes, I went from 50mg to 100mg, 50mg did nothing and now its been about 3 weeks that I have been on 100mg, I told the doctor I do not feel any better but I wanted to stay on it to give it a chance..... I do now feel a little better; making decisions to go out and be involved is not as stressful as has helped a little so I will continue to try 100mg.... I do notice being more tired and restless, which sometimes alter my decisions to stay inside.... the best way I found to test the medicine is to keep a log (daily) when you do take it as to how you feel for about two weeks... and maybe stop taking it for the same period of time and see if there is a difference..... good luck

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