Really depressed

Hi I'm 46 have had both ovaries n tubes removed, starting to get hot flushes my temper has got worse and I feel it's always my fault for upsetting ppl, my CPN nurse told me I have a mental personality dissorder, on anti-depressants and now my body is changing and I don't know when I'm going into menopause has no one has even spoke to me since I had the operation. So I don't know if it's depression or what but I'm thinking is life worth it. And yes if you are thinking I'm an overdose patient also.


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  • Hi there

    If you have had both ovaries removed then you will go straight into the menopause. Have you not been told this and have you been given anything to help like HRT to cope with symptoms? I have no ovaries or womb since a hysterectomy a few years ago and now I'm off the HRT I've gone into the menopause. Moods swing and flushes are part of it and you could have these for some time unless you have HRT. I don't know about your mental personality disorder but you sound like you are suffering from the menopause to me due to having your ovaries removed. Talk to your GP you are only 46 and he can discuss what your options are. I take Sage supplements to help with flushes as I can't have HRT anymore. Good luck!

  • Hi doctor said I was not a good candy got to have HRT, think it's because off the depression but did not give a reason why.x ps I just don't know which way to turn it feels like I'm battling to issues at once here, sending me mad

  • Sounds like you are going through the symptoms of menopause. A nurse isn't qualified to tell you wether you suffer from a personality disorder, that's only for psychiatrists to determine after weeks or even months and years of seeing you regularly. Menopause can most definitely cause severe depressive symptoms so I would speak to your GP about how to control the symptoms. If you have been depressed etc before your surgery perhaps it might be a good idea to get a referral to see a psychiatrist.

    Good luck

  • Sorry it was a mental health doctor who told me this they have been seeing me for the last past 6 years, but they only decided to tell me this just before I lost my ovaries. My GP said I was not a ideal person to have HRT. didn't say why.x

  • If it were me I would ask why not. I have been depressed but it's because of the menopause. If he gives you a valid reason why you can't have HRT then fair enough but to just say you are not an 'ideal person' is just not good enough. I have had to change my diet in terms of what will make flushes worse and take herbal supplements and absolutely no alcohol and I have improved. You will too in time but you need to discuss with your Doctor.

  • Hi poppit , how do you actually feel about being told you have a mental disorder? Does it help you accept how you see yourself? Or do you think with a little understanding and help you could revert to your old self?

    Can't say I have ever been keen on labels unless it's an underlying illness that will always need drug intervention, although depression can be classified an illness I wouldn't personally class it as a disorder, but forgive me I don't know much about anything, but I care deeply if someone receives a diagnosis that they don't understand or want to accept, if you do that's perfectly good and well and can make some people feel better about their treatment.

    When you think about it we could all be labelled with a personality disorder as everyone looses it at one time or another and acts out of character, its just when everythin has got so out of control it makes the climb out of the hole so much harder and you desperately need to be surrounded be compassionate understanding people who can give you energy not take more away from you leaving so many unanswered questions.

    You know one interesting fact about brain function is that apparently it takes 90 seconds for the brain to release the chemicals to our bodies causing the anger emotion, so they reckon that if you can train yourself to stare at the clock for those 90 seconds before you react, it is an emotion you can eventually control? It's something I always love to use at work when I suddenly find myself in someone else's anger zone and it could be all to easy to get sucked in 😊

    If your doctor has left you with too many unanswered questions, next time you are there have everything written down first, it can help you feel in control rather than feeling intimidated, if they say they don't think something is right, just say sorry but that is not answering the question I just asked. Doctors do really like explaining things and why not, they sure took a long time to amass so much information and decided on a profession to help their fellow humans.

    There can be many reasons why hrt is not suitable, to start with if there is any history of cancer in the family. There is a wealth of information on the internet about the pro's and con's and its sometimes good to do a little research to help you ask questions from your doctor.

    Also as well as all the different herbal remedies, acupuncture is amazing if it's affordable, there are cool pillows and sprays that just make them easier to cope with as well.

    I am so sorry you are suffering so much and hope you do have some good support to help you. Please don't give up hope of recovery, cope with life in little bite size pieces, at the end of each day try to recall what went right not what was not right, and don't let your inner voice tell you it wasn't significant enough! Sometimes just getting out of bed and dressed is cause to be proud of yourself and say yes I knew I could do it.

    Lots of hugs to you xxx

  • Hi I was told many years ago by a nurse that going through the change of life doesn't create new problems but it can make existing ones worse. I have found that to be very true. I took HRT and this saved my sanity.

    The good news is once you are through it life is much better and easier. My moods have settled quite a lot and don't swing like they used to. You can also wear white trousers again :) Bev x

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