Needing virtual hugs today

Having a bad day today ...need warm and fuzzy ...been through a lot lately with my brain injured son , and other issues ...can't seem to stop feeling scared and insecure ..needing some virtual hugs .dont have much family support ..or close friends that get it ...sun is shining it's a beautiful day but I,m so tearful cross with myself .


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3 Replies

  • Hi Janet, so many virtual hugs to you my sweets, I hope the day improves a little for you x

    Please don't feel cross with yourself, right now it's the opposite you so need even though it's so hard to do when you're feeling low. It's so difficult for you to be there for your son when your own levels of energy are low, so as hard as it is you have to put yourself first to somehow top those levels up.

    It does seem so much harder when you look out at such a beautiful day and not feel the benefit and sometimes you do just need a good old cry to get it out of your system and feel a little relief from so much stress. But that done try so hard to lift your mood a little by maybe listening to some of your favourite music, a good book to read or anything that can distract your mind a little from the negatives and worries the will not be easily dismissed.

    Trying to get a support structure in place is never easy, but well worth trying to achieve. This maybe through the health services or by seeing what local 'meetup' groups are around you? I have found this is a lovely place to come for a smile sometimes as the love and compassion from all the regulars is so uplifting.

    Take care, you are never alone xxx lots of hugs Moni

  • Sorry Janey auto correct isn't on my wavelength :-)

  • Thank you for your kind words dressed now ...more probs this morning with son ..gets overwhelming ..I saw you are dealing with your own illness ...thankyou for being so kind to me ,, I wish you well and hope you ok xxx

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