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Why am I so sad?


I have a perfectly normal life, I go to school and I get average grades. I shifted from the country I've lived in for my entire life to a new country a month or so back. I have no friends in this place but I have a few friends back in my original country who I still talk to on a daily basis. My family is completely normal and I have a normal life. But for a reason unknown to me, I always feel sad. I don't know why or how or anything but I'm always sad and honestly I'm sick of it. I'm sick of being sad, sick of being ugly, sick of life and everything that comes with it. I have never self-harmed and neither am I suicidal but I find myself thinking about suicide for no reason. I have very low self esteem and hate my body a lot. I don't know how people love themselves and I have tried really hard to love myself but I just can't. All this aside, I know almost all people deal with insecurities. I just want to be happy but I don't know how to.

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Hi abcds :)

I know how you feel and it doesn't feel good. I moved to boarding school a year ago and it worsened me, so I guess I can compare.

My advice is to find something you enjoy doing. I would reccomend a sport like rowing or a passtime like writing, something you enjoy that will take your mind off of your sadness. Getting a pet or spending time with animals works wonders for sadness.

In your new country try to build up a network of friends. I know it's hard but, believe me, it's easier to do it sooner rather than later, and knowing you have friends not far away will undoubtably make your life easier to bear.

If your sadness continues, I would reccomend talking to someone you trust about it (parents, adults, teachers, old friends, Tumblr, ect.) or maybe to visit a GP if everything gets out of control (I'm sure it won't)

Lastly, it sounds so cheesy but you have to believe in yourself and have faith in your strength.

Good luck


P.S. if you ever need to talk I'm nearly always on HU

Hey, ABCDs

I've got no answers here for you, but I feel what you're saying. Having no real friends is crap, I know. And doesn't all this "it will get better" stuff pee you off.

Of course, you know it probably will get better. My top tip is find someone to talk to about this. Burst the bubble. Good luck x


Do you feel homesick ????


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Kind of? I don't really know

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