Getting Better

So, I'm getting better for now. I seem a bit happier. Occasionally feel stressed and highly angered over small things, maybe a bit sad over nothing, but I've noticed that I'm happier. I smile more. But, I still worry about my aggression toward small things. For example, I have a small corner of the school where I like to sit and be alone. My annoying and stubborn friends moved into my small dark corner, which is the only place where I can be alone and happy and left to think. I had tried to annoy them and make them go away by throwing sticks and rubbish at them. I poured dirt on the ground near them and chucked a couple sticks into their bags. They kept calling me a "Shype" which I have NO IDEA what it means and it REALLY pisses me off. Just thinking about it makes me want to punch a wall... So, they kept saying it and pissing me off. I did give them a warning... Next time they did it, I grabbed their bags and pulled them to the ground or kicked them. I tried to walk away eventually, but they came back to piss me off more. I hid behind a tree and then class started. My book was put next to a friend, so I pulled my desk away from hers and sat. For those who saw my last post, I have that horrible class tomorrow...

-The Banana Who Is Dead Inside


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4 Replies

  • Hello Deadbanana (they are all dying when we get them) Glad you're happier.

    You sound too young to be on this site with its mainly adult problems.Do try and not be aggressive. It will take effort. Nothing wrong with standing up for yourself, and I'm far too old to have any idea what a shype is. Just tell them you had to pay to go on a course to learn to be a shype and you're proud of it. Not everyone is selected to become a shype ,whatever it is.

    You sound pretty tough which is even more of a reason to not get over aggressive. If you sulk or get aggressive soon or later something will happen you regret so make sure you move towards less aggression rather than the other way.


  • Tough? Nah, I'm a softie. The only reason I can get people on the ground is I catch them by surprise or grab their pressure points. Yes, I am young, but I just needed help. I'm 13 if you were just wondering.

  • OK . Don't grab boys by their pressure points . Its really painful.

  • I don't. Just girls >;3