Seeing the light at end of tunnel

My goodness I went back to the gp and notes that I am not feeling good on the medication because it's having a low impact on 150 mg and still feeling on edge and nervus and seem to be snapping at everyone and not knowing why was told that they would up my medication to 200 mg and got an appointment for a mental health service, I have been waiting for this now for a while but going throw my 20's not knowing what was wrong with me trying to take my own life a number of times back then as stated to the gp and got this appointment now so glad but worried I will be thrown in a padded sell because I am worried about going out and worried that every time I open my door some one is going to burgle me and take everything I have got and then there is the over doing it with CCTV on my property and not been able to concentrate and forgetting stuff

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  • Hi I wouldn't worry too much about the padded cell. They usually only do that if you are considered a danger to yourself or others. Are you? They haven't got enough places in mental hospitals for all those that need it so are very picky who they let in.

    Don't be afraid to tell the mental health team everything that is going on. They are there to help you. Well done for seeking help. Let us know what happens please.

    Bev x

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