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Just little old ME again typing away :)

Been abit of a rubbish day today.. Woke up super early today.. By super early I mean 7am.. Haven't seen that time of day for a while.. But I set alarms and wanted to wake up and make a productive day... But that never went to plan..

So I woke up.. Lay in bed for a few hours... And even got myself washed and dressed ready to take myself to the doctors... But my friend ended up needing me.. And ended up helping her out instead of doing something for me.. But met my friend.. She's been having a little bit of a rough time lately.. Just had a baby so I think she's just a little down in the dumps..

My friend who I met today ended up having a big bust up with my other friend.. Over a boy! Pointless if you ask ME.. But I seemed to have been dragged into the Middle of there fight.. So that brought a downer on my day.. Ended up going to visit my mum.. And I havn't left.. Sleeping on my mums sofa tonight as the thought of going home alone after a pretty poop day just doesn't appeal to me..

How come when you feel like your making a few steps forward and you feel like your getting somewhere... You end up getting dragged a 100 steps back? Why is this? I can't be the only one to feel like that.. Can I?

I want to wake up tomorrow and try again.. But only this time I won't be making my way to the doctors as i said I'd help my mum out whilst I'm here for the night.. But Atleast id be doing something productive with my day I guess "/

But that's me for the night gunna finally get some sleep and try again tomorrow.. Not willing to let one bad day bring me back down :)

Keep positive.. Well that's what they say to do.. So let's give this a whirl :)

Sending positive vibes out to everyone who's feeling low lately :)


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Hi Shabbaa

Thanks for posting. You're definitely not the only one! I keep trying to do the same - start the day with good intentions, set my alarm early and do something productive ... and it's only gone to plan once so far this week. But I'm going to keep trying!

Perhaps you need to step back a bit from other people's problems? It sounds like you're spending a lot of time trying to help others rather than deal with your own issues? I know that sounds selfish but you matter too! Try and do something positive for you today :) I'm planning on getting out in the fresh air and sunshine!

Sally xx


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