So today hasn't been so bad.. Finally got myself ready and left the flat.. And it wasn't as bad as I thought.. Picked up a few bits out shopping and a bit of fresh air doesn't half clear my head.. I did pick myself a bottle of wine up to drink later on watching the TV.. But I'm not drunk and have just tried to completly relax..

Considering how I was feeling a few days ago.. I feel so much stronger in myself.. I feel like I'm finally making progress in finding myself and making myself feel better :) but I've had these slips befor.. We're ive convicted myself I'm out of the storm.. And I've been dragged right back again.. So won't get my hopes up in thinking I'm completely through it.. But I am feeling a bit more smiley so that's not to bad :)

Hope that everyone is feeling ok and if anyone just wants to have a chat can always message me :)


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  • Hi Shabba. Sorry you haven't received any replies yet. Just wanted to say well done and keep up the positivity. It's always good to hear news like this. Don't forget where we are though if you ever need us. Take care. Bev x

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