Really need some advice on anti depressants!

Hi everyone, I have been suffering from depression on and off for 14 years now, I am currently on fluxeotine 40mg which has helped in the past but doesn't seem to be helping at all now! I am extremely anxious and very depressed tot he point where everything seems so hopeless and I look forward to going to bed at night for a break from it all. Wondered if anyone knew of simlar anti d's to fluxeotine that maybe a stronger and could help me more?

Thanks in advance!

Lucy x

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  • Hi Lucy K sorry to hear that your not in the pink. The best thing I would

    Recommend would be to discuss this with your Dr. As no one here would be

    Qualified to give medical advice.

    I suppose it might help to look at your general lifestyle and see if you

    Could make any changes to help yourself, simple things like diet , excercise,

    And getting out and about.

    LucyK I know it can be hard to make changes when your v. depressed, so talk

    To your Dr. About what you asked here.

    Good luck and hope things improve soon for you

    Hannah x

  • Hi it's not necessarily a case of stronger ad's but a different one might be more effective for you now. I think your body gets used to them and they become less effective over time. Another option might be to increase the dose of the one you are on? You need to seek your doctors advice. x

  • i had difficulties with taking fluoxetine on it's own, the g.p. added a low dose of quetiapine which for me was excellent for sleep, anxiety, and paranioa, there are dozens of meds available, be as clear as possible with the g.p. about symptoms, so he can figure out what else might suit. for me quetiapine was literally a life saver, but i know for others it can the the worst med ever, it is so individual..

  • Thanks for all your replies, it is horrible feeling like this I am reluctant to give Fluxeotine up as can tolerate it well but it is just not working at the moment, this quetiapine seems a good option I am going to see Dr on Wednesday so will ask what options are

    Lucy x

  • if you have time take a look at meds info so that you have a clear idea of which meds you don't want to take, ...

    crazy meds has some easily read info

    and the leeds nhs site has lots of meds info for patients

    while quetiapine is good for me, it might not be for everyone, esp as it can increase appetite..

  • Hi Lucy (nice name by the way!)

    I reached a similar point with Citalopram. For ages they seemed to work and then it was as if I suddenly became resistant to them! I swapped to Sertraline at an equivalent dose, but I didn't find them nearly as effective. After about six months I went back on to Citalopram and I feel a lot better now. I think perhaps my body just needed an we break from them?

    Lucy x

  • Hi Lucy I know what you are taking about I have been on medication on and off since I was 16 years of age I am now on them again sadly not all medication works for everyone I am on sertraline 150mg and I think the best advice is to talk to your gp as you will have to be weened off those that your taking and put on others the best thing you can do is keep a dairy so that can write down your moods and then your doctor can see this I have to say I am the same ad you depressed and low moods I know drs say go for a walk and so on but it's not as easy if it's not just like turning on a light bulb the feelings get in the way too hey Lucy speak to your gp and then you may be will feel better me my self I feel like it's not just depression for myself because I have been on medication for the past 10 years now and with the 150mg of sertraline for past 3 years and still keep having my wobbly days messed up family and past relationships don't be scared to out like how you are feeling to your gp as they can't help if you don't out line all the problems

    Hope this helps your friend Ian good luck Lucy

  • Hi Lucy, Go and tell your GP how you feel --- Maybe your medication does require a review I have changed my meds over the years (22) also I find that sometimes the chemist change the suppliers of these drugs

    and it can upset the user-- have a word with your GP/// I know it is a pain at times but keep on top of

    the situation I do!! I go to Asda now after trying out different pharmacy groups. Regards julie plus your mood can alter depending on social factors bear this in mind.

  • hi lucy sorry to here your having trouble, I have had fluxeotine 20mg and they didnt agree with me at all i felt worse and Im now on citalopram 20mg, butmy parent is on fluxeotine and has no probs so its might just be a person thing, or your body has got used to the, I would talk to your doctor and explain your thoughs, wish you the best xx

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