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Autumn Light

When we got up early this morning the sun was shining over the fields and Cheviot Hills. Still the clouds were low and they kissed the the tops of hills and moors, it was nice to see as the early sun was watery and long shadows showed between hedges and field. Pip was out and about chasing game birds, He never catches them and now had got out of the garden and was crying to get back in. We still after so long are finding his escape routes and closing them off after so many years.

Now trying to say is dull weather has to change sometime and we all need to be patient and wait as the weather and landscape will show itself once more. Weather like our moods changes by the minuit.

My depression can be like that I feel that some days I am low with a lot on my mind, my pains are demonstrating and my head aches with the stress of my Chronic Pain and all I can do is play with the laptop and look out onto the patio when the conservatory is to cold as cold causes my condition to to be that much worse. Today the countryside and light is wonderful and hopefully I will go out and work in the garden as one of the hedges needs a haircut so it will remain tidy until next Spring.

The way I am feeling today is, what a difference twenty four hours make, I am still in pain and still worried and depressed. Although with the sun shining through the window and patio doors seems to lift my spirit

and that helps to control my mood.

We all need and try to push ourselves forward and we need to look for positive signs to lighten our mood

and try to put things that hurt to the back of our minds, granted the problems and depression is still there. If we cannot do anything about these we need to compartalise these feelings especially at a weekend and just live for the day as many Depressives can only think those twenty four hours ahead and those worries will come back on a Monday morning and will most probably hit in Spades.

So what I would say to those who read this is live for the day and try and relax. We should all be given that permission to put depression on the back burner and allow us to see the best parts of the day


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The way you've described that way morning sounds idyllic. Interesting how you liken changes in mood to that of the weather. I always feel a bit run down a me miserable before a big change in the weather. Hope Pip has a bit more luck catching his target next time! X



Suppose I am trying to know myself, Pax has got me exhausted today. He has never stopped. Will have to get him a dog trap and He can pull us down to the shops



i very much relate to the concept of the weather - in my head being changeable. On a mixed day i can go through "clouds" "thunder" and "sunny spells" .

Today my internal weather has swung between a high whirlwind, dropping through the fog into light drizzle, and heaven only knows what "weather-front" the next day will bring...


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