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Prozac and cymbalta

Hi again,

I've not read many posts on meds., so this may be kind of boring.

Have Major Depressive disorder and have been taking Cymbalta 90 mgs. for several years. It is treatment-resistant depression, so I've tried many other meds and the only one I can stand the side effects of is Cym.

Well, Caroline, I see what you mean...the first part of this post has disappeared. Maybe it's a cyber Halloween trick--I don't feel like writing it again.

Anyhow the main point remains;

so I'll not complain...hi, everyone:

Was getting scary depressed, and it kept getting worse (for weeks, more than a month it's been a downward spiral.) Recently was prescribed 10 mg. Prozac with the 90 mgs. of Cymbalta (that I've been taking for years).

Afraid to try it--esp. as I'm beginning to feel better-- does anyone know about this combination?

Pen. xxx

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Hi Pen

No, sorry, don't know about those meds. Have you tried other forms of treatment than meds - maybe counselling or therapy? Meds don't seem to be helping you to overcome depression so maybe it's time to try something else.



Hi, Sorry, I don't know anything about that particular combination. Also sorry not to have replied before, I did leave a reply but it disappeared!!


Hi I am on Cymbalta too. Do you find it hard to sleep on this.? would be

Interested to know your view.

Yes it's a Halloween trick half of my posts disappear.

Hannah x


You know, I think it does. I've begun taking it early as I can in the morning.

Hopefully that helps... Thanks Hannah .



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