This may seem a bit of a dippy question?


I havent been about for a bit as I suffer from migraines and Ive been busy. I can see there have been some pretty big issues lately but my head being what it is I cant read too much and replying can be tricky.

That said, I do care and I am bovered, so todays stupid question is.... how are you all now? Feeling a little more positive I hope.



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15 Replies

  • Caroline I am sorry to hear you are suffering migraines; they are terrible; I used to get them a lot.

    It is lovely to know that you care.

    I've just updated my "update" and am a little paranoid but just about coping; I can understand you not being able to read long posts ; also i apologise that mine are pretty long sometimes but what i've just written is the shortened version!

    You must take care of you first and foremost. It is always lovely to see your name and avatar and sending you loads of hugs.

    Gemmalouise XXX

  • Thanks as always Gemma, keep up the good fight and when Im better I'll stand along side you my friend XX

  • Hi Caroline

    I have been up North for a week taking my mother to visit her new great grandson, and sure have missed your cheery wit :-)

    I am still trying to convince the world it’s a great place to live in, when really all I am trying to do is convince myself :-(

    How’s the drawing? I have been taking lots of photo’s of bridges which I intend to one day getting back into painting! I know it wont happen any day soon, as I can’t find the time, but seem to think if I keep collecting things like this, eventually I will get around to it!

    Sorry you have been having yuky migraines, hope they hurry up and go away and your head clears again.

    Hugs to you, moni xxx

  • Headache precludes a lengthy reply. Im fine thank you. Just want to pick up on the Bridges, Bridges are truey amazing not just because of the engineering but because they change whole societies whole economies as an area that once wasnt easily accessible becomes a new partner in development, communication.

    It does surprise me at all that you're so incisive and creative. Begs the question which is your favourite Bridge! :-)


  • Hi Caroline nice to hear from you. Oh you poor thing with Migraine, you have to take really

    Good care of yourself and cut yourself some slack.

    How am I ? I'm struggling along to be honest, but I had second and last nerve root

    Block injection last Friday. It wasn't too painful and my walking is much better, but

    I feel blah .

    Thanks for asking . Gemma's reply encouraged me to try and string a few words



    Hannah xx

  • ewww dentist? Poor you! No wonder you feel crappy. Thanks for checkng in. Sorry Im off to rest now maybe back later. Thanks for saying hi XX

  • ummm, dentist? I don't think Hannah has any teeth in her back.

    On Bridges, how could there be a favorite one as they are all so beautiful, not that I can draw the buggers either!! and all those straight lines ta boot. I think I need a little of your drawing torret skills !

    I did read a wonderful book some years ago though, called drawing on the right side of the brain, it showed that anyone could draw and managed to get the perspectives a little better. Now I can draw more like a ten year, or maybe 8 whereas before it was more like a 3 yr old :-)

    hang on in the Caroline the headaches will have to pass eventually xxx

  • Monib (you're Bev arent you, sorry I get mixed up between nicknames and real names!) Pablo Picasso spent his whole life trying to get back to drawing like a child! Your streets ahead!

    Simply draw the essence of the Bridge, its smell, its taste :-) X


  • Hi Kido, hows the head today? hope you are feeling a little better.

    I have just been listening to Grimmy(radio 1) on the way to work and just couldn't stop the laughing. Denzel Washington was with him and I have now learnt a new word :-) Frenglish, I shall remember this one if I want to eat a French pastry in England. :-)

    Now you have got me doodling bridges again! thinking of perhaps trying one in machine embrodery instead of paint? it's very quiet here at work I wonder if anyone would notice the quiet purr of my sewing machine instead of the clicking of my mouse which always reminded me of knitting when I hear a few people working in an office together. :-)

    Hope you doodle some master pieces out today, Picasso will be smiling down at you xxxx

  • Hi sorry for the late reply been spring cleaning and been away from the screen hoorah!

    Got the BF coming over for dinner and cooking a chicken! So just a qwack note. Will be back again soon.

    Fantastic news about the bridges and sewn what an amazing dea! You really are quite special arent you, not as my mum calls me 'gifted'...ha ha, just kidding she doesnt but dont you love the English Language. I say English just incase the vote doesnt go our way, but I hope it does!


  • Hi Hannah, nice that the walking is getting easier, sorry you are still feeling a little blah though. We can't blame the weather either as it seems we are having quite a nice September for a change.

    Lots of hugs your way and hope you and your camera are soon enjoying what the Autumn has to bring your way xxxxx

  • Thanks Moni , you are great.

    Hannah x

  • Aw Hannah I'm sorry you're not feeling good. Sending hugs your way. XXXX

  • Hi Gemma and thanks also, ah hopefully I will pick up again,

    Just going out now to shops. Gemma hope your ok too.


    Hannah xx

  • Not teeth then, backs! My heads all fuzzy AND Im stupid sorry Hannah, hope you feel better soon.


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