I've lost any will to move on I feel stuck in place like my mind is stuck in time to when it all happened but my body keeps moving through time even when I think of when I was most happy I can't remember the feeling ,masks are all I wear around family and friends if they only knew how a raging storm destroys me from the inside the worst part is when my family tells me to get over it and that's it's all in my head I'm lost to my self and former self ,alone and numb


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2 Replies

  • Hi Ghosty

    yep, that's depression for you. You sound as though you have just reached a crises point? has this been going on for long now.

    You sound as though you have tried so hard to put on a brave face on the outside which has just made things worse, its not good to hide away these feelings, as you say, they are destroying you from the inside.

    Sometimes it may seem that those close to you are not helping when they say 'get over it', but they just feel helpless themselves a lot fo the time, not knowing how to help.

    It's time to get as much help as you can, have you gone to the doctors yet? that's a good place to start. Find anyone you can to communicate with, so that it doesn't keep getting bottled up.

    this is a great site for seeing what tools other people have tried and giving them a try, as well as meeting so many understanding souls x. but will never replace professional guidance as well when that is needed.

    take care and great to meet youxxxx

  • Oh my goodness it sounds really terrible what you have been through. Have you had any help with this at all? We can't just get over traumatic incidents; we need understanding and support. Have you seen your GP as they can maybe refer you for some counselling. Also please feel free to talk some more on here.So sorry you are feeling like this. Also have you seen the PSTD forum on health unlocked as that can be a good help as well.

    Hugs (((()))))


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