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Homesick :(

Posting from Greece at 11pm and I'm feeling sad and homesick. It's always hard when you arrive at a hotel late at night and you haven't had a chance to find your way around. I'm missing my house and my family and right now I wish I hadn't come. I know ill feel better tomorrow, especially if I meet some other English speaking people. Glad I arranged with O2 to have internet on my phone while I'm away, so that's a bit of normality I guess. Need to stick a smile on my face as this holiday was for the kids, and they're both really excited x

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Hi Lucy.

Ah I know that feeling too well , everything feels. Strange and you think " what

The heck am I doing here"

No.1 . Your probably tired, these journeys take it out of you for sure.

Have a good sleep and I'm sure tomorrow will be better, it's ok and normal

To be abut homesick, especially if you don't travel that much.

I'm sending you a big warm hug, but I really know how you feel.

Let me know how you are tomorrow, I'm sure you will meet others to have

A chat to.

Love n hugs

Hannah xx


Lucy, you are right you will feel better in the morning. At the moment everything is unfamiliar and you are exhausted but you will soon get in the swing of things over there.

Hugs to you, we are all still here; it's just you are over there for a change !

No worries if you need support anytime or just to tell us what a great time you are having (as I hope you will) you know you can still contact us all on here. Yes good idea to take the internet but hope you've checked roaming charges as some phones that update things regularly use up a lot of your roaming allowance; I'm know you're pretty smart and will have got it sorted but just incase; don't want you to be surprised by a really high bill. If you haven't got it sorted don't worry about it tonight; just check with O2 in the morning.

Gemmalouise X


Hi Lucy,

Well done for making the effort to go out there. I'm sorry you're feeling low at the moment. Like Hannah says try not to make a judgement based on how you feel in this moment. Tell yourself and be assured that 'I'll feel better tomorrow :) '. And if you don't settle in within these couple of days then you'll only have a few days left over - as you're only going to be out there for a week anyway. Your family is only a phone call away and we're only a post away. :)

Soft hugs,

Fay xxxx


Hope you feel better after a good night's sleep

- I know when I used to travel I hated it - would count the days hours and minutes till I was coming back. It was interesting and people were generally lovely but I just missed home - so understand that.

Hope the children keep you busy and distract you ...


hope you are in the land of nod now, long flights are rubbish, and make me grizzly, If you feel homesick, pop a you-tube vid of rain on the phone. :)


Lucy you will have a great time and so will the kids. When you are sitting on that Greek beach you will not want to go home. :) xx


Good morning Lucy it's 8.00 am In Greece and it's 6 am here. I am up early with pain

So had my breakfast bad one post all pills I'm in bed again for more sleep.

Lucy hope you j

Have a good day with your sure it will fly, try and put in a good forint for them.

We are genre for you to have a laugh and to hold your hand. So your not too alone.

Big Irish hugs to Lucy

Hannah xxx



Big hugs, hope you are feeling a bit less strange today. Think about 7 days of not having to cook and messing around in the sun and the pool. Relax and breathe.

Sarah xx


Morning all! You're right, I do feel a lot better today! It was really dark last night and we had no idea until we got up that our room backs right on to the sea! It's a gorgeous view! Been to the pool this morning now just getting ready for lunch! Hope everyone is ok x


Kalimera Lucy. Sound absolutely fab Lucy. So pleased for you. Enjoy!

Gemmalouise :)


Don't forget to say efcaristo when you've ordered your meal, and have a gin and tonic on me at sundown ,the tonic keeps the mossies away, it's got quinine in it !

Pete xxx.


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