Please :(

I hope every one out there is okay ! I have not had such a good day. I really miss my mum and find that when I see friends or TV programmes where they argue .. Or children bicker with there mums or dads, they don't realise how lucky they are to even have a mum or dad. The one thing I would loved to have done is go out shopping with my mum or had a chat and a cuppa! When reading this, if your mum or dad are nearby... Hug them and think how much they do for you.

I understand if you do not get along with parents, but for a person who has never had one, it's very difficult :(

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  • Hi Michelle. Sorry you had a tough day. It's a very good post to remind everyone

    To appreciate what they have In Life. My own Mother died 9 yrs. ago and I too miss

    Her so much. Michelle it's going to be a bit harder for you. Because of the

    Traumatic circumstances. But I think you would be honouring the spirit of your late Mother by getting well and living life

    Hannah xx

  • Thank you Hannah, you write such kind messages and it does cheer me up thinking that thank you, Michelle x

  • Thanks Michelle, Sue is right about your problem, and I

    Really think you should get referral from your Dr. At least coming

    On here was a positive step.

    Hannan x

  • Hi Michelle,

    I must have been writing my previous reply while you were writing this, and can only add that your identity seems to be based upon your sense of loss and what is missing in your life. Of course it was a huge thing to happen as a young child and very sad but I imagine the idea of letting go of the sense of self as someone who lost everything will be difficult. I can identify with your emotions as I had a similar basis to my identity identity myself when I entered psychotherapy and it was a long process and difficult to shift but I have finally done it and am able to look back and now I realise it WAS hard but not as difficult as I remembered it as, and that NOW my life is good and I am able to cope with loss. I do think therapy, especially psychodynamic therapy, can enable you to shift your identity and feelings of loss, so do ask your GP to refer you for a secondary mental health service assessment as that is where therapy is available.

    Sue x

  • I think even people who struggle with their mums appreciate having them.

  • Hi

    I'm the same and my mum died when I was 17 - 24 years ago. I tell my kids that they only have 1 mum. It annoys me when you see kids treating their mum like rubbish. Fortunately mine do have respect for me and always say that they can't imagine me not being there so I feel very loved.

    Kate x

  • Thank you for your message Kate, thats lovely that your children appreciate you, your very lucky and long May it continue forever x

  • Hi michelle x im feeling down and lost, gosh how strange my name is also michelle and i lost my mum last year, i blame myself so much as it was my ex partner that attacked myself and her, i know what you mean when you see or hear children be rough to the mums. They are very lucky to have them, i hope you are feeling a little better x

  • Aw gosh Michelle that's very upsetting, I'm sure your mum was amazing, I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope your alright? X

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