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ESA appeal info from anxiety support forum

hi just been looking at the anxiety support forum and found some good advice on appealing against ESA decisions.

Emmpea in a reply to Sharben made three days ago mentions using section 35, which seems to involve getting a g.p. to say that being found fit for work would create a risk to your health, It does seem such a common problem that so many people are turned down, even scoring zero points on first assessment for benefit, such a bonkers system!

Found this useful link about a campaign to make people aware of appeals using regulations 29 an 35.


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Hi, It seems to be the norm that ESA applications are turned down and only upheld on appeal. Its a crazy system

and goes completely against any movement towards de-stigmatisation of mental health.


Thank you so very much for the reply. I had made an appointment to go to the job centre this morning. I am at my wits end. I finally thought that I'll have to show them again what it is like for me . I don't know what else to do. I love to work. Sounds sad I know but I do. Every morning when I have to call in to say that I am ill I feel like less and less of a person. When I go in and have the "welcome back to work" interviews I am made to feel like I am not worth the job. It could just be me but that's how I feel. I have this meeting today and I honestly don't know how it can help. The system has been fighting a war of attrition with me which they have won.

I don't know how many of you are in the same position but I imagine that I'm not alone. Does anyone know of any help/support that I can ask for during the interview? Anything at all?


Do you have a support worker at all, I know they are hard to come by but if you do have one ask them to come along with you. Have you spoken with your GP about getting a sick note, I would have thought if you had a sick note that you wouldn't have to keep phoning in.


Hi Lisanne. Just returned from the job centre. I have had a sick note before. I'm beyond the sick note now as I was made redundant a few years ago. Their essential position at the centre today is that I cannot get any further non-noncontributing financial at the moment but it is going to be reassessed. Just going into a public work environment at the moment would be horrible. Going in today I was in tears. I have to go to see a new professional as my last one retired so hopefully things will change. Fingers crossed. And thank you for the reply x


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