Treatment with Coaxil

Hi, I'm Charles, I'm 25 years old and I suffer from depression since I was 18.

I find that taking my meds for depression (SSRIs) but I've got issues with lack of memory and concentration, so I'd wish to change to a "lighter" med. I've found this Coaxil - tianeptine drug wich they claim causes lots of lesser side-effects, while being just as effective as the others, especially on blunting mood sweeps without that feeling of "emptiness" that other SSRIs cause. I've found this Coaxil here:

My psychiatrist told me he doesn't know it so I'm doing a quick internet research to know more about it. Anyone has ever tried it? Thanks!

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  • I'd be wary of taking an antidepressant that a psychiatrist has never heard of ...

  • In fact I'm just asking around, I bought it, but I didn't took it at the moment.

  • I just wished to inform that I've bought coaxil online, I received the shipment, and I've started my treatment in the last 3 days without any side effect :)

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