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Treatment with Coaxil

Hi, I'm Charles, I'm 25 years old and I suffer from depression since I was 18.

I find that taking my meds for depression (SSRIs) but I've got issues with lack of memory and concentration, so I'd wish to change to a "lighter" med. I've found this Coaxil - tianeptine drug wich they claim causes lots of lesser side-effects, while being just as effective as the others, especially on blunting mood sweeps without that feeling of "emptiness" that other SSRIs cause. I've found this Coaxil here:

My psychiatrist told me he doesn't know it so I'm doing a quick internet research to know more about it. Anyone has ever tried it? Thanks!

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Well , I have just read your link and it sounds alright though there are some side effects but these may not worry you. Take in this information to your psychiatrist and see what he says. That's my advice. And, welcome to the site if you are new. It's great. Julie .


Thank you for your answer :)


I just wished to inform that I've bought coaxil online, I received the shipment, and I've started my treatment in the last 3 days without any side effect :)


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