Don't know what to say

Don't know what to say

Well, that about says it all.

Have been getting really tired recently - just want to go to sleep.

Feeling a bit indescribable today because morning text from boyfriend said he'd had a rough night with angina, and that I was not to panic and not to flood him with texts and emails. Did say he was going to the doctor and would update me when he could.

Think I'm feeling so much that I've shut down so I'm not aware of what I'm feeling - other than a sense of panic and also a sense of impending loss. The previous communication - an email mentioned that he had a stiff neck ... Guess I'll hear from him when I hear from him but do feel a bit hurt by the remark about flooding with texts and emails.

Sent him an email this evening but couldn't really think of stuff to say - getting a bit monosyllabic.

Cats are well. Hades has been very cuddly this evening though Sephie is enjoying her freedom outside after 10 days cooped up after her operation.

Was quite difficult to keep going at work at times. Glad it was quiet.


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5 Replies

  • Hi

    Sorry you are not feeling too good. I hope you feel better soon.

    I understand how you feel, I have felt like that, it does get better, but sounds like you are a little low about some things right now.

    Sending you a hug and hoping you feel better soon

    Sue xx

  • Hey Gambit. Sorry you're not feeling so good. I can relate very much to feeling tired and shutting down. Feel quite a bit like that at the moment.

    Guess the boyfriend probably just meant for you not to worry :) sure he didn't mean for it to sound negative. Maybe it's not actually that big a deal and he's just used to people getting worried about it so it's an automatic reaction.

    Glad the kittens are well :)

  • Thanks. They were playing on the bed this morning - seem to get woken at about 0600 when its starting to get light - guess that might be another reason why I am feeling tired.

    Probably need to go back to the doctor and get my B12 levels checked.

    Really trying not to let my imagination run riot as I still haven't heard anything

  • Hope the news was ok from your boyfriend when you eventually heard from him. It's very hard not to worry, my husband has a serious heart condition which we are trying to get under control and I worry heaps about him. {{{{{{{{{{{{hugs to you}}}}}}}}}}}. Julie xx

  • Thanks - I still haven't heard from him.

    My father died as a consequence of a series of heart attacks so there is that going through my mind. Situation is also a bit complicated and one of my fears is that I will find out that something awful has happened from a third party - but that has been a fear for a long time.