who am I

I have given birth as god has intented, I am working my way backwards, they say that at some time you were the speckle in the eye. And my answer is what happened if you blinked, would I not be a speckle in your eye. this is how I feel sometimes with my family of all sisters and beign the youngest. Why do I hurt so much, feel soo much. My body is in control of me, when I should be in control of my body .

I hate me.

and I am still awake at 5.20am sooner or later my batteries going to flat!


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3 Replies

  • Hello,

    I am sorry you are hurting at the moment. I would suggest a chat with your Health visitor as you may be expriencing symptons of post natal depression? x

  • Hi

    I am sorry you are feeling so bad. Feeling like your body is controlling you rather than you being the one in control sounds like depression so do seek help from your GP or health visitor. You said you are the youngest sister and I wonder whether you question whether you were wanted as much as the others? Talking with a counsellor may be helpful, your GP can refer you. Also do you have the support of other mums and babies?


  • Thanks soo much for your advice and I will seek some counselling and keep taking my meds. I do not know if I have postnatal depression, my son is now 3yrs old, but ever since after I gave birth I have not been the same. And trying to find help when I am ashamed of having and feeling depressed is not easy.

    I am going to see doc next week and ask if he can refer me to a counselling session.

    Thank you

    Kermit x

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