feeling depressed and miserable

feeling really down, everything seems pointless, feel like giving up and just wallowing in misery. No matter how hard I try I don't feel as though I am making any progress. Been reading the posts on here and find them all really depressing and far too long to read as I don't have any motivation even to read. None of my self help techniques are working.

Don't want to ring my CPN cos that feels like giving up.


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4 Replies

  • why does admitting that you need help seem like giving up i would say its couragous most of my recent meetings with cmht has been by text or on oppsite sides of the door. Im a big reader when im well and a writer when im not grab some paper and a pen and just keep it near you.

    im thinking of you

    sarah x

  • ps im sorry for the spelling havent slept since friday x

  • Hi I Will make this short and sweet. You have to contact your CPN . If you do nothing, nothing will change. Take things hour by hour, do not fight how your feeling. Accept your feeling awful, and then do something. Take a walk, sit in the sun, Dont feel you are giving up, you are just asking for the help we all deserve. Now I hope this was not too Depressing or too long. Take care of yourself, I have been like this too,


  • Thanks. You are probably right about contacting my CPN but know she will talk about triggers and taking time off work. I just tend to panic if the black days last too long and I start distancing myself, that I am spiralling out of control.

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