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I feel so alone. I want to see my therapist but I won’t see him in another two weeks. I don’t think I can wait that long. I feel like giving up😔

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2 weeks is nothing fill your time up with activities work and the likes speak to family and friends and you have us as well.

You're not alone don't worry you always have God to lean upon he's your helper in time of need. Don't mean to preach to ya but try whispering a few words to him you can even yell it out if you like. An we're always here too you know.

Hi pace_yoself,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so well at the moment. It is good to see that you have had some very helpful and caring replies from other members of our community. Is there any way that can try to get an earlier appointment with your Therapist? Or even maybe with your family Doctor if you need to see someone sooner?

Here is some contact information for you, if you want to speak to someone on the phone.

0300 123 3393


116 123

Also, check out the pinned posts on this page, you may find some of it is helpful to you.

Keep chatting with our members on here, many of them are in similar situations and can offer some really supportive help and advice.

All the best,

MAS Nurse and Moderator

Does the site applies to those who lives in the United States as well?

Hi pace_yoself,

You can contact the UK support services but here is the link so you can use the links that apply to the US if you scroll down on the page.

All the best,

MAS Nurse and Moderator

That's one of the worst things about depression- feeling like you're alone. But you're not! :) this online community is amazing and has given me the support that I needed when I couldn't find it anywhere else. We all have felt like giving up at some point.

It sucks that you always have to wait so long to see a psychiatrist/therapist. It can be so detrimental to people who REALLY need professional help.

Contact your Therapist and explain how negative you feel.

If your problem is really bad contact NHS Information on Tel 111, and also make an urgent appointment with your GP, both can contact the Crisis Team who can visit if you are really knocking with your Depression/Anxiety.

You could actually go directly to Aand E, explain your problem and they can also assist

Let us know how you get on.


I’m not from the uk

Contact your GP and/or Therapist, generally they will get you support, Being in the UK we have well worn pathways we can follow, hopefully your Health Professionals will be able to help


Okay Thankyou so much

Ypu are not alone i feel like this often. I have not seen my therapist since July im still here. I suggest if you need professionals to talk to call the local crisis line to you. Mine ive been using and it truly does help. Best wishes❤❤❤

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