Hello Everyone,

Its a good feeling that other people feel the same way you feel. You are reassured that it is not just you. I have been recently struck my the recent posts. They have been really consistent. Loneliness, a lack of urgency from the medical profession. The doctors just throw tablets at you. No real programme to get you better. I am getting better. Why am I getting better. Last year, September I tried to top myself. Got a big knife from Tesco's and put it to my wrists. The greatest advice I can say is that read about depression and then read more about it. There are ways to get back on track and read more ways on overcoming it. My greatest advice would be start very small and aim for a very quick win. Knowledge is power. There is hope. Life is what u make it. Andy

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  • I agree. I have been helped enormously by reading blogs, mostly on here, that describe real experiences. Another bit of advice I would give to anyone wanting to feel better is to remember that doctors and the 'professionals' are only responsible for a tiny part of the healing process. Belief, determination and a willingness to try on the part of the individual are paramount.

  • The blogs have helped me too, its the feeling we are not alone on the journey.

    I am glad you are feeling better. Thanks Andy for post.

    Hannah x

  • Yes, agree with above.This site is marvellous and so supportive. you know there are people on here who know exactly how you feel.... the average GP doesn't. have come a long way and am now brave enough to 'face the fear' which is what I have to do to get better. It has been a long road but hope there is light at the end of the tunnel now. Stay well. xx

  • It's funny what you say about the average GP not knowing how you feel. It goes alongside male midwives telling you what to expect when your contractions start! There are five GPs at my practice and when I first went with PND eight years ago, it was one in particular telling me that she knew exactly how I was feeling, because she'd had it herself, that set her aside from the others. A few months later I needed a presription for my tablets. She was on holiday so I had to see a different GP. I told him that I usually prefer to see the female doctor, as she was able to empathise with me, and he got really cross. He said she should not have disclosed that information with me! I told him I was glad she did, as I made me feel more normal, but he disagreed and said it was unprofessional on her part. I think he was just jealous that he hadn't had post natal depression himself, personally!

  • Hi Andy

    I'm sorry to hear you felt desperate enough to try to top yourself but glad you are coming through that now.

    Yes, I agree with you - read and read if you can. Knowledge is power. Every time over the years that I have read about the problems I have been experiencing I understood more, especially I understood what kind of help I needed and where to get it instead of asking the wrong people and for things they couldn't give me. I think so many people have bad experiences of mental health services partly because they want something no-one can give them and also because they ask people who have no capacity to recognise and give them what they do need.

    It's a hard road to discover that people, including mental health workers, are human and frail and imperfect and often have little more knowledge of how to help than the rest of us, for many professionals the training is inadequate to understand the complexities of mental health and in fact an ability to go through the process of training may already eliminate the possibility of those most able to help getting into the position of being able to - I know that from my own experience, but enough about that....

    I agree life is what we make it, but having enough LOVE and understanding and care at the beginning of life makes it easier for some people to make something of their lives than others. It's important to have compassion for yourself as well as knowledge, I think. You mention loneliness as being a major feature in people's depression and I think you are so right - most people feel better when they know they are cared for by other people. I hope you have people who support you as I now realise I do.

    Take care and keep blogging.