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Warning re film The Red Desert


Been doing so well, feeling lighter and brighter. Finally felt some hope. Then bang, got knocked sideways - found myself watching this old film by Antonioni (The Red Desert) and I'm back in the old place, feeling bleak and desolate. I had no idea what the film was about when I was invited to watch it with friends and if I'd known I'd have declined politely, because I know I'm still vulnerable. It's about a woman with mental health problems and she's told there's no hope, she'll never be better etc and it's the most depressing thing I've ever seen. So I thought I'd post a warning about it, even though it's unlikely that most people will come across it. Basically DO NOT COME NEAR THIS FILM UNLESS YOU ARE CONFIDENT OF YOUR STATE OF MIND.

And it's back to the drawing board for me.

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Thanks for the warning. :) I know what you mean about being affected by films and books! Sometimes they get too close and can resonate badly. It takes a while before they 'leave the system'. My husband won't watch things he calls 'sad' or whatever as he can't understand why I would want to stimulate deep feelings but I feel that it's part of life and can't be denied. I think that's why film makers make these films to remind us about suffering. Perhaps some good has come from your visit because your friends now have a better understanding of depression and altered mental states.? They might feel more compassion which in my experience is sadly lacking from society. ;)



Yes, I recall the film and it is one that gets to the gut! I hope you feel better soon, don't forget that the film was fiction (even if based upon fact) and is NOT about you! You are the same person you were before you watched it, but your anxiety and thoughts have hooked onto it - let it go, it's just a film.


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I know you're right, of course, but easier said than done .....

i avoid movies like that for the very same reason .. they can be mood changing to people like us...i want facts not rubbish made up for the masses ..i hope you get well soon

Thanks Wendy - I don't feel quite so desolate when I hear you say "people like us". It's good to remember that we're not alone in feeling this way.

Pooh I sympathise and thanks for the warning! I avoid those sort of films like the plague!!!!!! I got caught out recently with a film heralded as the comedy of the year! I must be totally hopeless because I didn't find it funny at all and began to wonder what people really find funny! There were bits that made me giggle but the underlying story based around a character who'd lost everything, couldn't recognise real friendship when it was available, full of insecurities and lacking in self-esteem being treated badly by a male friend just used, even with a relatively hopeful ending it depressed the hell out of me! I almost daren't say which one it was but here goes to my embarrassment and shame it was "Bridesmaids". - probably less funny to me because could see a lot of experiences that were too close for comfort and I use films to escape reality not have an artist confirm my own dismal view!!!

Wow must have been closer to my nerves than I thought as that turned into a bit of a rant! Sorry xxxx love to all :)


Thanks for letting us know..


Thank you for warning us. I avoid anything like thsi and I really don't think it's entertainment. I read a lot and always read thrillers but can't even do that now. I still read but easy to read fiction with a 'feel good' ending. this is what suits me at the moment. I've only recently just started watching the TV again and then am very selective what I watch. Do really hope that you are feeling much better soon. xx

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