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Living with copd

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Having been diagnosed with early onset copd 5 years ago I stopped smoking and started walking regularly. Although I feel healthy enough I wonder if the copd would have got worse or been arrested with no longer smoking. I know I'll always have it.

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All jabbed up.

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OsidgeModerator in reply to Eggandchips

Are you up-to-date with the pneumonia jab?

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Eggandchips in reply to Osidge

Never had one

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OsidgeModerator in reply to Eggandchips

It is advised for COPD patients.

i to have COPD due to smoking i stopped smoking 18 years approx and i am no medico but as far as i am aware the body can heal itself but as in my case the capillaries airways damaged do not repair i use three types of inhaler one powder one steroid and one in case it would be interesting for a medic to reply to this as i don't seem any worse i have had all the jabs including covid i am just short of breath when climbing stairs or hills or gardening

Thanks for that, seems to me a person can live a completely normal life with copd coupled with lifestyle changes.

i don't see why not just take into account on some things you will get breathless i suppose don't stop me from doing what i want just take the meds proscribed as i do my spirometer no change just maintain the correct weight and blood pressure im not about to clime Snowdon but i still enjoy life and i am 78

Not on any meds myself although my Dr gave me an an inhaler I never feel the need to use it. I keep myself relatively fit, do a lot of walking and am 69 this week . Thanks for the replies it's interesting how others equally affected deal with it, you've given me a renewed optimism.

just had my flu jab for 2021/22

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