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Is the amount of people I have had sex concerning?

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Hello, I have asked this question on here once before but have lost the account that I submitted it on so decided to ask once again. I am a thirty four year old male and have slept easily with over 1000 men and close to fifty women. I have luckily been very lucky and have suprisingly only caught very few STDS (all treatable and short-term) - this is most likely because I practice safe sex 99.5% of the time and regularly get checks. I am not asking this question because I am concerned that I am addicted to sex because I don’t feel that I am, I just really enjoy it. Should I change my lifestyle or am I able to continue if I enjoy it and it makes me happy?

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The big risk is getting HPV, know to be the cause of penile cancer.

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Your sex life is basically up to you. Of course, if you do not practice safe sex all of the time then it only takes one time to get infected with HIV.

You’re in control of your own life man. I say enjoy every second of it. I’m 35 and in a relationship the last 6 years and feeling like I’m missing out on all that freedom and fun. Enjoy it while it lasts bro

Get vaccinated against HPV and always practice safe sex.

I am a lot older than you, and I benefited from the loosening of sexual mores after the 1960s. Guess what? I had lots of sex. Look, it is your life and moral system and you know the facts about safe sex and so on. So, it is your choice.

In my case I found it convenient to have long term relationships. Less variety but less hassle, and it is more convenient to working 9 to 5, five days a week. Also I hate using condoms. I suppose you can take PrEP.

I am now in my fifties and have only had sex with three women. And I can honestly say only made Love to one. My wife.Yes, sometimes I wonder if it would be better or different with another woman but I love my wife, and we both love sex.

So in answer, we all have our own needs and wants. Providing you play safe and nobody gets hurt. Enjoy.

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