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Severe Itching with very mild rashes

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I’m experiencing severe itching all over the body with very small pimples, it started two weeks ago.

What could that be?

I’m taking an anti-histamine pill at night to try to sleep, but it doesn’t work.

Thank you.

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Are you taking any new medication which may have caused this? Likewise have you changed soaps or washing powders etc? Or got a new household pet?

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VictorOlivier in reply to Hidden

Hello, we moved to a new house, we don’t have pets and I don’t take any medication... very strange

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Wonder if the previous resident had cats / dogs / rodents?

Hi I have the same very severe itching all over my body driving me crazy had a liver function test that seems okay as it can indicate liver problem worth checking I’m taking antihistamine tablet like you plus Audavate ointment which is a big help. Prescription only so you will need to contact yiur GP. it’s. Impossible to avoid scratching which will reduce inflammation so much good luck. Max Headroom

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Have you tried consulting a doctor. This forum cannot diagnose the cause of your skin problem.

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A dispersed rash with itching all over your body can be a sign of serious illness. Please see your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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