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Why do Inner Thais Pain after SEX?


Why do men complain about inner Thais pain after intercourse sessions?

How can men get overcome it and have painless sex?

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I am not sure that many men complain about this. What does your doctor think?

Sorry. Don’t understand your question. 🤷‍♂️

sinewave in reply to IP_Nightly

Come, come, Prostateman! Thais was a type of upper-class Greek prostitute - and an opera by Jules Massenet, in which the eponymous lady does a famous bit of meditating. Other than that, I am unable to assist.

Personally I've never experienced pain in or between my thighs during or after sex (at least until I developed severe osteoarthritis in both hips; now both thighs and hips ache continuously). Harrumph... :( :( :(

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