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Black specks on Stool


Hi , was wondering if anyone else have had this sorta thing . Some times and some days I notice black specks on the surface of my stool . They look pretty much in the same shape and size like very small mustard seeds. I do consume mustard seeds as part of my diet and was wondering if that was the case or if it was anything else. Also wondering if it can be a sign of GI bleeding ?

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You know what people are going to say. “See your Doc!”

Velcro93 in reply to Tam_user

Haha . Sure thing! Thank you

OsidgeModerator in reply to Velcro93

I hope it is the seeds as GI bleeds are not generally good. A stool sample would certainly rule out a bleed.

Velcro93 in reply to Osidge

Yeah hope so too . Stopped consuming them and waiting for 48hrs before going to get tested . Thank you !

Tam_user Osidge Guys thanks alot for replying once again. Didn't need to wait long actually. While cleaning my Netherlands after pooping found 2 of those black stuff and squished it with disposable gloves to find that it broke just like mustard seeds . They even smelt like it lol . Apparently I couldn't find any literature that this could be a s/e of consuming them so still going to the doc to ask about my digestion but should be easy to rule out GI bleed for now . Sorry for the long post and will still monitor the poop for a few more days to confirm also .

P.s Should I leave this thread open or delete it now ?

Tam_user in reply to Velcro93

That is gross, but reassuring!

As a general reminder though - any change in bowel habit or suspected blood on stools requires urgent medical review.

OsidgeModerator in reply to Tam_user

And if you have great problems with your stool - return it to Ikea for a refund😂

Seriously Velcro93 this is a timely reminder to guys not to forget to monitor their bowel movements for changes etc. I am on the 2 yearly bowel screening looking for blood and, ultimately, bowel cancer.

Velcro93 in reply to Osidge

Thank you guys ! For some reason can't tag and answer you both ! Anyways ,

Tam_User - haha ! It was gross . And definitely thank you for the advice.

Osidge - Joke cracked me up . Good one haha 😂 . On a much serious note however ,

yea after this , I am going to really remember and check each bowel movement .

Black spots COULD indicate internal bleeding. In any case if you notice changes in your stool, go to doctor immediately!

Velcro93 in reply to drew15401

Thanks alot mate. Went to the doc and he has directed me as to what to do . Cheers !

Black spots are not likely due to bleeding. Gastric bleeding causes melaena, which is bowel motions like Guinness. Glad your GP has advised you.

Yes , I was worried that maybe small bleeds would present as such but turns out they are undigested harder than usual mustard seeds. Once I stopped consuming them no more of them had appeared since ! Thank you for replying !

I seem to pass cob corn almost complete.

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